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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I've forgotten my password, what should I do?
A. You can generate a new temporary password, which will be sent directly to your email. You must follow the instructions in the email and log back into your account within 24 hours or the new temporary password will be invalid.

Q. How do I keep track of my order?
A. Log into your Arianrhod Aromatics Account and you will find information regarding your order.

Q. Do you make special products for personal use?
A. I have been known to adapt one or two of my products to meet the special requirements of my customers on occasion, especially for those with allergies and sensitivities. Send me an email and I will see what I can do for you.

Q. Do you have anything that helps clear up dermatitis and/or eczema?
A. Try our Sausage Tree Lotion

Q. Do you have anything for removing scars or healing wounds?
A. Try our Scar Diminishing Oil

Q. Do you make any skin care products that do not contain essential oils?
A. Try our Sensitive Skin Moisturiser. More essential oil free products coming soon, watch out for our new Zero Tolerance range.

Q. Do you make deodorant that does not contain essential oils?
A. Try Our Fragrance Free Aluminium Free Deodorant.

Q. Why do you use crystals in your skincare?
A. The crystals carry a unique and subtle energy all of there own, thus enlivening and heightening the vibration level of the products in which the infused water is used.

Q. What crystals do you use in your skincare?
A. Our purified water is infused with crystal vibrations from Amethyst for purity, Rose Quartz for love, and Clear Quartz to amplify the effects of the previous two.

Q. Can you feel the crystals in the lotions etc?
A. You cannot physically feel any crystal because the physical crystal component has been removed. Particularly sensitive individuals may feel positive energy emanating from the infused crystal vibrations.

Q. Are the crystals ground up and added to your deodorants?
A. No, crystals are not ground up and added to any of our products. Crystal vibrations are infused into the micro-filtered water simply by running the water over amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz which are ritually purified and recharged in the light of the full moon.

Q. Why do you add colloidal silver to your deodorants?
A. We have found colloidal silver to be a most effective and long lasting antibacterial in our deodorants. Silver has been used since ancient times to guard against infection by killing bacteria, and, underarm odour is nothing more than bacteria breeding in the moist conditions of our underarms. It is essential that we perspire to rid our bodies of internal toxins and if we can continue to do so without the accompanying offensive odour then all the better for us and our health.

Q. Do any of your products contain nut products?
A. We have deleted macadamia wax from our range. We do use peach nut oil, but this is not a true nut. We have no nut-derived products in our ingredients.

Q. Why do you use hemp seed oil in some of your products?
A. Hemp seed oil is extremely rich in Omega 3’s, which are essential for healthy cell regeneration and brain function. It offers the closet balance of omegas to human skin than any other oil derived from the plant kingdom. It contains vitamins A, E, B1, B2 B3, B6, it's naturally antibacterial & anti fungal plus it absorbs readily into the skin. Put simply, hemp seed oil is one of natures best resources for your skin, hair and general health.

Q. Is there any active THC component in the hemp seed oil?
A. Absolutely not.