Why use an aluminium-free deodorant?

Why use an aluminium free deodorant?

Did you know sweat itself doesn’t actually smell? Sweat is primarily made up of water and salt. Sweating is natural, it’s how we maintain our body temperature when we exercise or when it is just a hot day.

The smell occurs when perspiration comes into contact with the naturally occurring bacteria on our skin.

Antiperspirant deodorant works by stopping up the sweat glands temporarily with an aluminium compound. So in essence, you can’t sweat. This makes it difficult for your body to regulate it’s temperature and can increase the risk of overheating.

While there is conflicting evidence about the link between these aluminium compounds and breast cancer, is it worth the risk? By using an aluminium based antiperspirant are you not only increasing the risk of overheating but potentially also increasing your risk of developing breast cancer?

Put those two points aside for a moment and consider that you also have lymph nodes in your armpits and your skin is extremely adept at absorbing things placed on it. Antiperspirants are made up almost entirely of artificial chemicals with unrecognisable names. I’m not comfortable putting all those things that close to my body’s immune system, are you?

That’s why I developed the Arianrhod range of aluminium free deodorants. Rather than blocking up your sweat glands and pouring chemicals on your skin they work by using the 100% naturally occurring anti-bacterial agent, colloidal silver. This helps to remove the bacteria on your skin before you start sweating. I added other natural ingredients like the anti-fungal Australian hemp seed oil and sodium bi-carbonate to help keep you dry without the potentially harmful side effects of aluminium.

All the ingredients used in Arianrhod’s aluminium-free deodorants are 100% natural so you can be confident that you aren’t putting harsh chemicals on your skin. Just the way nature intended.

Nimbin Fragrance Aluminium-Free Deodorant
Nimbin Fragrance Aluminium-Free Deodorant

Arianrhod aluminium-free deodorants start at $13.00 each for roll-on or $14.00 each for mist and come in 5 essential oil fragrances: