Kigelia Oil now available in glass packaging: but why not all our products?

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Taking care of your skin is very important, but it is just as important to take care of the environment. We know what an impact small changes can make, that is why we decided to offer you, our customers the opportunity to choose if you want glass or plastic packaging.

Now that Kigelia Oil is also available in glass packaging, you may wonder why we don’t offer this option for all our products. So we wanted to share a little bit about how and why glass is not always better than plastic.

In the beginning of our company, glass packaging was not as easy to obtain as it is now and it was impossible to locate the necessary combinations of bottles, jars and droppers or caps to suit them that we needed. As supply and demand changes, we do our best to listen to all the needs of you, our customers. We completely understand why more and more people would rather use glass instead of plastic, honestly, so would we. However, as we strive to give you the best option for you and the planet, that does mean sometimes we have to make the less obvious choice: 100% carbon-neutral plastic that only has to be transported 50km’s from the plastic factory to ours.

In theory, we all know that producing plastic has a negative impact on the environment, and that it leaves behind a giant carbon footprint. We do take into consideration that every small product that we provide for our customers may have a huge impact on the environment in the long term.

However, 90% of our plastic packaging is made with care for the environment by Ant Packaging, only 50 kilometres away from our factory in Murwillumbah. All their bottles are recyclable and they are the first carbon neutral plastic factory in the world.

With this, we don’t only take our packaging from a company that does everything possible to take care of the environment, but we also make sure that we do not pollute the environment by bringing the packaging from a long distance. Transportation is, always, a big pollutant, and by getting our packaging from so close, we protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint caused by long transit routes.

Although in theory producing glass is not as bad for the environment, we are forced to take our glass packaging from non carbon neutral glass manufacturers in China. This means that the production of the glass is actually less environmentally friendly and the transportation of the bottles to our factory adds a significant carbon footprint. Many countries don’t have strict regulations regarding the production of glass, including China, and once you add the massive carbon cost of transporting it from China to Australia compared to just 50km’s down the road, it really starts to add up.

Does this mean that plastic is better than glass?

Of course not. We understand that more often than not, plastic is way more damaging for the environment than glass is. However, we are constantly reviewing the processes and environmental cost involved in all of our packaging to ensure that we are choosing the best option, not only for your skincare routine, but also for the world we live in.

Will we replace all the plastic with glass? Right now, no. However, we are constantly looking for cleaner and more environmentally sound suppliers. We truly hope that as demand continues to increase, a local option with a cleaner footprint will emerge in the glass industry. You can be sure though that we will be constantly looking until we can find the ideal solution that is both perfect for you, and for protection of the environment. Right now, that is actually plastic. Meanwhile, we hope that you continue to enjoy our products that are made with consideration and care for the environment right here in Murwillumbah.

If you would like to try our Kigelia Oil in a glass bottle, it is now available in both the 50ml and 100ml sizes here.