Cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon)

An incredibly versatile berry, cranberry has amazing antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities that can prevent the formation of acne and pimples on the face. Cranberry juice also has anti-ageing properties and consuming it daily can prevent the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin, thus making your face and skin look fresh and youthful.

Incorporating cranberry into your skin care regimen can help protect your skin from environmental stressors while omega fatty acids keep it hydrated and plump. The moisturising and skin-protecting properties of cranberries can help heal skin conditions such as dryness, lack of radiance, and loss of elasticity.

Antioxidants slow down and prevent the oxidation process through their ability to stabilise free radicals by donating an electron. Flavonoids and polyphenols found in cranberry juice fix and prevent the damage of cells, lowering the risk of infections.

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