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Frangipani (plumeria alba)

The white frangipani is a deciduous tree that grows to about 15 to 25 feet. This tree, native to tropical areas, blooms highly fragrant white flowers with yellow centres in the spring. The flowers are one of the most attractive and distinctive aspects of the plant. They have five petals each and their aesthetic qualities often lead to the frangipani’s ornamental use.

The leaves of the white frangipani, which grow to about a foot long, cluster in spirals on the stems and are generally a deep green. Like its branches, the Plumeria alba’s leaves yield milky white sap when cracked open. They are deciduous trees and therefore undergo a dormant period in the winter season – they lose their leaves and blooms before bursting back to full colour when the rainy season begins in spring. Though in the wild this plant forms fruit in small pods, these pods rarely form when the plant is domestically cultivated.

The flowers are probably most commonly used as a perfume. They have a highly recognisable, distinctive fragrance, and the flower is often considered to be symbolic of LOVE. They are the flower used in the Hawaiian lei-giving tradition which symbolises ‘Aloha’ (Love, friendship, celebration, honour, and greeting)!

Not only is frangipani oil highly valued for its deep and long-lasting fragrance, but also for its deep cleaning properties that make it extremely useful for perfumes, skin creams, soap and lotions. It is sometimes added to shampoos, hair packs, conditioners and gels as an aromatic ingredient. Frangipani oil is also valued for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is said to help relieve inflammation, headache, back pain and tinnitus. It is known for its moisturising effects, as it soothes dry and cracked skin, helping keep skin soft. Frangipani oil relaxes nerves and muscles, and has aphrodisiac, astringent and purifying properties.

For your smell good / feel good factor: We have included Frangipani Oil, along with other amazing essential Oils, in our Aralyia Perfume Oil. Dab it on your pulse points and enjoy!

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