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This refreshing, well known and popular oil is powerful with its deep, penetrating herbaceous aroma and menthol effectiveness. Used for temporary relief of …

  • headaches
  • mild rheumatic conditions
  • digestive issues
  • flatulence
  • coughs and colds
  • joint and muscle pain and
  • nausea

Use this amazing oil for relaxation, to ease neck tension and support breathing by maintaining clear airways. Use in a vaporiser or massage into temples, back of neck or forehead for temporary relief.

Also, this oil is a ‘natural’ deterrent for pests with its clean way of dealing with nasties around the home …

  • rats
  • ants
  • cockroaches
  • mice
  • even snakes are repelled by this oil

Just dab this amazing oil on a cotton swab and place it in cracks, holes and anywhere around your home that you know is a thoroughfare for bugs – also spray window sills and around the doors. Or place in a small dish under your furniture or wherever you consider these pests will pass by.

Or use in a vaporiser to completely flush out any nasties you cannot see, particularly mice.

As this oil has powerful qualities that really work well – use with care and out of reach of children.

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