Arianrhod Aromatics Affiliate Program

For some time now, we have been getting asked if we have an affiliate program that our loyal customers could use to promote us.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing programs, the idea is that we’ll pay you in return for sending new customers to us. Nothing crazy about that, right? What makes affiliate marketing different is that there are people, commonly known as “affiliates,” who do this for a living. They build sites that refer traffic to other sites and get paid when their traffic converts into paying customers. It’s pretty big business.

And so, we’re pleased to offer affiliates the opportunity to generate customers and for us to pay them for it.

How does it work?

We’ll pay you 20% of the product value ordered by anyone you refer to us who then makes a purchase and doesn’t cancel or return it. To join, you’ll need to visit our affiliate area and fill out the application form.

After that, you’ll get a special, unique link to share with your friends, family, on your website or social media, or just about anywhere else you can send referrals from. Using this unique link is important so that sales can be tracked toward your commission. We’ll provide you with special marketing banners and can work with you on promotions specific for your audience to help your referrals place orders with us faster. We both win when your referrals place an order. That’s it.

Sign up now. We look forward to working with you!

Make sure to also read our affiliate terms and conditions.

Already an affiliate? Go to the affiliate area to log into your account.