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    superb service and high quality products. The hemp balm is always in demand for our tired muscles and knees

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Great Work! Thank you very much, finally a cream I can use for the whole body!
I found your cream Zero Tolerance to be very soothing, especially on troubled skin, it almost immediately helped alleviate tightness and stinging sensations on the face. I found it helpful smoothing out wrinkles too!
It has a pleasant neutral odour, spreads easily and goes a long way and without leaving a greasy residue.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zero Tolerance Cream!
Wendy Leighton
Clunes NSW

Hi Iamme
Just wanted to let you know that I purchased a teeny weeny bottle of Kigelia oil at Health Food Thyme in Warranwood awhile ago to do some magic on some skin problems, but put it away and forgot all about it. My sister used it spasmodically on a fairly nasty looking sun spot that appeared on her face and over time it completely disappeared. So we were pretty impressed.
Just recently I developed a raised red aggressive looking sun spot on my arm and whipped into action using the Kigelia oil on it twice a day. My young son complained that it smelled (hee hee hee) while I was using it, as it certainly has a distinct smell, which I don’t mind actually. But I said to him, you know what, I’d rather stink a little than have to get this spot cut out of my skin. He agreed.
So after two weeks it’s completely disappeared and I can’t even see where it was originally on my arm, so even if I wanted to reapply the oil to my skin I’m not sure where I’d do it, as there’s no trace of the spot, it’s gone completely!
Just thought I’d send you some feedback as to how amazing this product is!! So of course, I’ve ordered some more Kigelia oil and other skin care goodies, I’m pretty convinced they’ll all be equally beneficial. Can’t wait to receive them.
Thank-you from Geelong, Vic.

I bought some kigelia oil from you last month at Channon markets. Upon your recommendation it has totally cleared up my acne. I’d like to thank you for giving me back my confidence!! I’ve ordered some more.
Best wishes,

Thank you! I have been using the Kigelia Oil on my poor sundamaged nose to much success. It feels as though it’s going through layers of history as it heals the skin. As I’m almost 70 that’s a few layers!
Keep up the excellent work!! xoxo
Byron Bay

Hi, I have been meaning to email you for a few weeks now in regards to your Nimbin Fragrance roll on deodorant……It is the best I have tried and I have tried many. I bought it at your Byron market just after NYE and I spoke to you in regards to how I am needing something stronger for the gym and I was yet to find something natural yet that works. Well I just want to thank you, amazing work.

I just wanted to mention that I burnt the crap out of my wrist a couple of weeks back on super hot water spewing out of a pump valve. Spent the first 4 hours with strips of Aloe Vera plant strapped to it and then started putting on your Kigelia oil…

Went through a few stages but now 2 weeks on you would not know it happened : )

I came to know your products after using your turkey neck balm throughout radiotherapy treatment on top of a major surgery scar. All my doctors & nurses were amazed at how well my skin was reacting to the treatment. I kept telling them about your product instead of the cheap, nasty paraffin oil cream they wanted me to use!! Thank you for a great product, I’m SO looking forward to using some of your other products soon.
Perth WA

My problem rosacea skin began to settle down immediately after I started using Sativa Nurture. Thank you.
Cobram Vic 

After using Sativa Restore for a few weeks now, I can see that the large liver spot on my face is fading. It doesn’t take long to notice the difference happening.
Camira Qld 

I have been using the Kigelia Oil on the backs of my hands for a few weeks now and I can see that the sun damage (“liver spots”) is fading. I am also using it on my face where I have sun damage under my glasses and am about to start using it on a mole that my partner has on his back. Great product!!
Launching Place Vic 

I found your deodorant at the South Melbourne Market in Victoria and was wondering where I could purchase another one in the Geelong/Victoria area. It is the perfect product for my body.
Leopold Vic 

I absolutely love the detox scrub. Beautiful clean fresh smell and my body feels so smooth and clean. Also the eye cream containing silk & cucumber is divine. Thank you making such beautiful productsIamme!!!
Bilambil Heights 

Kigelia Oil, what a find! I have tried everything you could think of to get rid of my tinea, nothing worked until you Kigelia Oil. I am so happy – the tinea is gone!!
Brunswick Heads 

Sativa Restore is the best moisturiser I have ever used. I am now going to try the Refine.

Bangalow Market Patron

Iamme, people have noticed and commented on the change in my skin since I started using Sativa Restore; I have been told my face glows! Three troublesome spots on my face have disappeared completely, for which I am grateful as nothing had worked in the past. Thank you.
Wishart Qld

I met you back in January at Byron Bay market. Loved the Sativa Restore that I bought – so will try a couple of new things!!
Ashburton Vic

I bought a jar of Sativa Restore at the Byron Beachside Market at Easter. It is the best moisturiser I have used, I am so pleased with the results; it is doing everything you said it would. I have only been using it for a few weeks but already a sun spot on my collar bone is fading. Thank you.
Alstonville NSW

What can I say about Sativa Restore?  Wow, I am so excited about this skin care product.  For the past few years I have been struggling with flaky, peeling, sun damaged/aging skin… which is even worse in winter.  I haven’t been able to wear foundation because I just couldn’t get it to apply smoothly (I have tried several different brands of both foundation and moisturiser).    At the risk of sounding gross, the foundation would “collect” in the flaky, peeling skin… mainly on my sun damaged nose and patches on my cheeks and forehead.  Exfoliating helped – but only for a day or two.   I had to resort to a powder foundation which has been drying to my skin.

The first night I used this moisturizer I could tell this product was something different.  My skin felt hydrated and plumped up somehow, satin or peachy like.  The exciting thing is, this hydrated feeling continued on for HOURS afterwards, until the next application.  Everyday since, (I use it morning and night) I have felt improvement to the hydration of my skin.  The dry patches that have been the bane of my existence for several years have now healed.  My skin feels increasingly dewy, radiant and dare I say youthful, much like it did when I was in my twenties and thirties and all this in less than a week since I first started using it!  I can’t wait to see the results after a few weeks/months of use.

I have always been envious of movie stars and those privileged few who had the money to spend on the expensive skin care products that actually provided the nutrients our skin needed to give us the kind of result I am now getting from using your miracle product.  I really wish I had discovered this little gem years ago. Thank you so much, I can’t thank you enough for creating/developing it.
Kind regards
Pacific Pines Qld

My partner recently purchased Kigelia Oil from you at a market and also via the Internet He purchased this for my use as I have had psoriasis for the last 12 months with a few areas that have refused to heal.  Your oil is actually slowly improving these areas while nothing else has so far, neither mainstream ointments nor naturopath stuff.   .  I have been seriously depressed with the spots and I was quite sceptical that the kigelia oil would work but it is working great, thanks.
Alexandria NSW

I tried all forms of treatment for the plantar wart on my foot, all without success. After using you Kigelia Oil morning and night for two weeks the wart was gone.

Your deodorant is the only natural aluminium free deodorant that I have tried that actually does work.Thank you.
Kingscliff Market Patron

Thank you for recommending diminishing oil; the scar across my neck from surgery is fading. I only have to use the tiniest amount each day.
Bangalow Market

The Sausage Tree Lotion is working really well for my eczema. I am so happy to have found some relief.

Your Mari-J-Majik facial moisturiser just has to be the best moisturiser I have used, ever!
Byron Bay

I am really enjoying using your fantastic deodorant. Thank you.

Absolutely love you Fresh fragrance deodorant.

After having chemotherapy I began to react badly to sand fly bites. My friend gave me some of her sausage tree lotion to try and relieve the bites I was covered in and, it worked a treat. I then developed Pityriasis rosea and reached for the sausage tree lotion to relieve the itching. It was my saviour; thank you. I now have shingles and am going to try the lotion, as; once again, the itch is unbearable. I will let you know how it goes. Thank you for your sausage tree lotion.
Nunderi,  NSW

Thank you for such an excellent product and all the good vibrations enclosed.
Barbara Downes
Urliup NSW

Just letting you know I’ve been using your Oiy its hemp moisturiser and the samples you sent me for a week now, and I have to say that my skin is softer than I can ever recall it being before!!!

Even after cleansing and with no makeup or product on my skin, I see a healthy glow now and a shiny smoothness that wasn’t there a week ago.

So the magical hemp seed oil worked its magic!!

I have had probably the same amount of breakouts (ugh) but honestly I can say that there has been less inflammation and any spots have started to heal a lot faster and with less swelling even if I picked at them.. (yes, bad I know!)

I didn’t expect the softness that I have experienced (and read about online etc) to happen so soon but my skin definitely feels a lot softer.

Also tonight after using the scrub sample I noticed less blackheads on my nose, quite a lot less actually so hopefully with consistent using the products, I will get more positive results.

So really, I love the product. The main thing I noticed about it was the way it has made my skin less inflamed, quite dramatically so and also my spots have been healing faster than usual. Which is fantastic.

I also like the smell ha-ha!! I can definitely tell that the cleanser has a lot of the good stuff in it, some products I’ve tried before seem to be watered down but your cleanser is lovely.

Will be ordering some more this week and more products again next month, next time I will try the scar diminishing oil and some other things I have my eyes on from your website! lol

Oh and I like the deodorant too, just as good as the one I usually use and I love the smell too. Also makes for soft smooth underarms!!

I’m not used to my face looking so shiny (in a non-greasy way!!!) but I really love the fact that my skin has smoothed out a lot in only a week. Less oily too, and forgot to add that where as usually my face is tender and sometimes just sore from the inflammation etc, this week my face has been totally touchable … Although I’m not supposed to touch my face too much due to my acne, I really feel that it has been less sensitive.

Anyway just saying thank you for making a lovely product and I’ll keep using it while my face keeps agreeing with it!! No allergies to it, although the toner did sting a little the first few times, it feels ok now.

Also I appreciate the love and care that goes into the products that you make and please keep making them!
Salli Walker
Holden Hill, SA

My name is Brett and I just wanted to say your products are amazing. My daughter had borderline acne and we have tried a few products including a well known advertised brand. After a few days of using your Oiy range her skin cleared up.

We are rapt and will continue to use your products. My daughter is very happy and I recommend them highly.

Thank You
Brett Ferguson
Coomera, Qld

Shortly after the birth of my daughter I found myself to be quite run down and as a result I endured an acne condition which was something I really had never experienced before, even after recovering my well being I found myself to be still acne prone. As a consequence and over a fair period of time I purchased several top of the range and costly products to see if I could alleviate the condition. Unfortunately whilst a couple of the products assisted moderately I was not able to notice any difference of significance until I tried your Oiy! it’s Hemp f’ya Face range. Using your products has helped me to gain confidence and reinstate my self esteem. Your products really do work and I am just so glad to have had the opportunity to use them.
Chantal Bryan

I love your “new” cream (Sativa Nurture) it feels so good and soothing on my skin and, so far, none of the usual slight stinging I can get with other products. I will test it for a further few days and then I will definitely place an order.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to “try” it out.
Matraville, NSW

I purchased the Scar diminishing Oil from Iamme at the Lismore markets in desperation, after my baby daughter took a tumble, and grazed half her forehead, and had concussion, and a rather unsightly graze, that her GP had warned me was likely to scar, and require cosmetic surgery later to correct. After a week of using the Diminishing Oil, my daughter’s forehead was perfect, and upon returning to the GP for a follow up visit, he was astounded by her healing, he is going to purchase the Scar Diminishing Oil as well for his family. I thank you so much for returning my daughters face to perfect, as facial scarring is a very cruel thing to have to go through life with. A fortnight later, she tripped and grazed herself again on the face, and as I got to it quickly with the Diminishing Oil, in 4 days, it was totally gone! I have also used it on blisters, and they are totally healed overnight. I have also seen it work in a week to remove excess pigmentation from age spots, on a family member, who is also amazed by the product.

With the versatility of uses, it really should be known as a first aid standby, I now carry it in my handbag, and use it on any little problem! I will not be without it again!

I have just started using the Diminishing Oil on an abandoned kitten as I mentioned to you, and the kitten had a rather large cut in his under arm area, what the vet had likened to a stab wound in the chest for a human, but was unable to put him under anaesthetic to suture it due to the kittens poor condition, he was likely to die. I took him home again, and when cleaning and dressing the wound, I have been using the Diminishing Oil, and the flesh component of the wound has healed, and the skin, with a little help from some sticking plasters is almost totally healed, with no sign of infection. I am thinking it needs to become a staple in my emergency pet first aid bag as well! It also seems to help ingrown toenails…. (which I tend to develop in winter from softer nails breaking off easily… however it has been 2days, so I will give you feedback after a decent amount of time).

I really cannot express my total gratitude, and admiration for your wonderful gift and skills that have saved my baby from a scarred face, and made this poor little kitten feel a lot better faster than a vet could (we have decided to keep the kittens, well after the vet bills and all the nursing, I don’t think I could give them away… One is called Spook, as it was a black kitten, found on Friday 13th, which is a lucky day for me, and the other a little ginger coloured kit, who has been named Caramel) We now have a wonderfully healed family, both human, and four footed furry humans, all thanks to your wonderful products!

One more thing to add to list of conditions treatable by that magical scar diminishing oil, nappy rash! My daughter normally comes out in it when teething, and nothing offers much help, other than time, however, this magical oil has once again fixed the problem, and for a recap, with the kitten, the nose is fully healed, as is the deep puncture, with no stitching, and no infection!
Rebbeka Parker,
Coraki, NSW

I have been using Scar diminishing oil you suggested and I can’t believe how good it is. Trimmed my roses on the weekend and gave myself three blisters from holding the sheers, now don’t think I’m a real weakie I have over 20 bushes. Two of the blisters were only small but one was over two centimetres long, I rubbed the oil over my hands a few times over the weekend. Monday the two smaller ones had disappeared and by Wednesday morning when I got up I couldn’t believe that the big one was simply a bit of dry skin.

That was a few weeks ago, since then I have been doing quite a bit more gardening, trimming the citrus trees always leaves you with scratches no matter how careful you are and its really reassuring to have this great stuff that helps heal skin in such a fast way.

Thanks for putting me on to this.
Margarita Rickards,
Tyalgum NSW

Thank you for making such pure and wonderful skincare. I am currently in awe of the diminishing oil. I first used it on a large open cut from oyster shells. My wound has healed beautifully. Some of the scarring is not visible at all. I also used diminishing oil for our tick bites. The tick spots with diminishing oil did not inflame, redden or itch. Wow. I use it on my dogs post flea spots and he stops scratching immediately and sleeps. The diminishing oil was also amazing for my two girls as they battled chicken pox. No itching, no scratching, and no pox marks. The great thing about diminishing oil is that it took the itch out the pox for the girls. It is a wonderful and powerful elixir.
Loki StJames
Stokers Siding NSW

What an amazing find this has been for my eczema skin. Even though I have developed my own moisturiser, I have been looking for something that would be more like a treatment cream in place of the cortisone creams available over the counter and by prescription. This lotion is for most, a fantastic moisturiser. For me it is a treatment cream, something I use in conjunction with my own moisturiser as my condition needs a lot of extra moisturising. Two days after I started using this lotion I rang Iamme at Arianrhod Aromatics and asked her to send more. My skin responded to this lotion immediately. The itching was soothed, the redness reduced and the flakiness abridged. I also find that I do not have to reapply my moisturiser as often throughout the day and my skin is holding on to the moisture and oil I apply for longer periods of time. I had also been troubled with Rosacea for some time – a common skin disorder and complication of eczema that causes red patches, ‘pimples’, bumps and ‘burst’ capillaries on the face. In some cases it can also affect the eyes. It can occur at any age but is most likely to start in fair skinned people in their 30’s and 40’s – and I had developed deep lines around my mouth and chin area which would split open and become very painful. Since applying this lotion, these lines are not so deep and less obvious. I have even noticed that some wrinkles have also lessened – now that’s a real bonus! I am applying this lotion twice a day and I use it sparingly as it spreads very well. Each day as I use this product (In conjunction with other lifestyle changes) the condition of my skin improves. My skin is more than happy with this organic, all natural plant based product that has been developed with love by nature and Arianrhod Aromatics. I love it. Love it, Love it.
Trish Barbara
Atopic Eczema Sufferer

I have to rave about the skin moisturiser. My arms were tending to be dry due to my work conditions, fridge motors and dry environment, but since applying magic daily they are not dry. Just smooth and soft. Thank you for having me try your products. The sausage tree lotion is a rare treat for me. I have not had to use cortisone since and the eczema has settled. I cannot believe all that time I have been driven mad and scratching like a dog with fleas, even waking up during the nights sleep itching the palms madly, that a weird sounding lotion does the trick. lol. I have to really laugh…… have a bottle of it at work which I apply after washing hands and before donning gloves….the other day I went to apply it and my boss yelled at me, don’t put that on it is silver polish, he is aware of my skin condition so thought he was helping, I laughed and laughed and said no its not it is my hand lotion. Showed him the label and he said, I tried it on the silver pot and scrubbed and polished and thought this is crap. it isn’t shining. lol. I thought don’t waste it, it is gold to my hands. Anyway that made my day and I am still laughing.
Glenys Wright
Thomastown Vic

Using Arianrhod Facial Scrub has made my skin glow, it is the best scrub I have used in that it doesn’t strip my sensitive skin; it still leaves it soft and hydrated.
Lisa Hartshorne
Bower Bird Emporium
Murwillumbah NSW

Living in the driest state in Australia, my skin was always dry and the Adelaide water makes my skin itch. Hooray for Arianrhod products!! With the combination of Satin Skin Wash, Turkey Neck Balm (which I use on my face as well) and the Body Lotion, my skin now has a healthy glow. People comment on how soft my skin looks.

Shaving my underarms always gave me a rash. I would avoid shaving as long as I possibly could. When I started using the Shaving Lotion I was surprised at how easy the razor glided of my skin. It gave me a really close shave and left my skin feeling really soft. I never get an underarm rash now, which is a wonderful relief.

I have a spot of psoriasis on the back of my scalp, the itch used to drive me mad. I have tolerated this itch for years until I discovered Arianrhod Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t scratch at all when I use these products. If I dare to stray, the scratching comes back with a vengeance, so I always come back to Arianrhod products (with my tail between my legs).
Deb Goodrick
Adelaide SA

At last a Shaving Lotion that leaves my skin looking and feeling great. Gone is the itching and shaving rash that came with the commercial brands (plastic in a can). I am so happy with this shaving cream that I won’t use any other. It is more than just a shaving cream this product is a skin moisturiser.

I have what is called Environmental Sickness, which means I cannot tolerate any chemicals in my diet, on my skin or in my environment. So finding your range of products has been wonderful—I’ve had no reactions to any of your lotions or the cleanser—in fact my skin has been ‘cleaner’ than ever. I love all the delicate fragrances and, at long last a deodorant that really works—I have tried all kinds of so call ‘chemical free’, no fragrance brands and all were problematic—so, finding your deodorant has been really wonderful. Many thanks Arianrhod.
Sue Hague
Mittagong NSW

Arianrhod was first given to me as a gift by a friend. Now nearly two years after using almost all of the products, I feel Arianrhod is a gift to us all. It is unique, not just in its quality or exquisite smell, it has a vibration that permeates into your body making it irresistible and making you feel so special!
Tess Elliot

Having been recently introduced to “ARIANRHOD AROMATICS” scrubs, lotions and moisturizers I have found these products to be far superior to any I have used in the past. I have found that my skin is much softer, clearer and subtle. I love the fragrances and have no hesitation in recommending them to all my family and friends.
Meree Craig
Kingscliff NSW.

My wife first bought your Gentle fragrance roll-on deodorant at a market and I think it is great. I ran out a week or so ago and had to resort to using a commercial brand that had been put to the back of the cupboard when we started using yours. When I applied the old one I was reeling from the artificial smells that were just too strong, not to mention – how lethal they must be! I really cannot cope with using the run of the mill deodorants that are out there anymore; I felt as though I needed to apologise to everyone for what must be a terrible aroma coming from my person in the form of artificial and toxic smells. Please send us two Gentle roll-ons as soon as you can; I do not want to runout again.
NaturalBridge, Qld

A friend of mine recently gave me a little of her deodorant that she had purchased from you as I had been saying how difficult it was to find a natural deodorant that actually works. I have found that other brands, whilst they are natural and do not contain aluminium they are just not effective enough, especially in our climate. Your deodorant really does work and I look forward to buying from you at your next market.
Bev Larson
Burringbar, NSW

I love Arianrhod deodorant because it works without all the chemicals and smell nice without being overly scented. I also use the Rosehip Moisturiser which is a gorgeous, luxurious and, medium weight which I find suitable for morning or night.
Carolyn Short
Tumbulgum NSW

Your deodorant is fantastic. It is the best natural deodorant that I have found and it really does work. I recently ran out and purchased another brand of the all natural type; it is nowhere near as good as yours. Thank you.
Shilo Brosnan
Burleigh Waters QLD

After finding it hard to buy a deodorant with a pump action…a lot of supermarkets still only have aerosol sprays….I was delighted to find Arianrhod Aromatics at our local markets. The deodorant was just exactly what I was looking for. It smells divine, is gentle on my skin, doesn’t mark my clothing, is not tested on animals and is totally effective, even on the hottest days.

I love this product and am in the process of introducing it to my whole family; even my husband, who works in the hire industry, he keeps using my pump spray instead of his roll-on deodorant from the supermarket!!!

Good on you…………………Keep of the good work Armpit Queen!!!!
Helen Armstrong
Fernleigh NSW

I received your deodorant from my Mum as a gift, which she purchased while on holidays. I love it! It is the only natural deodorant I have used that actually works!
Joyleen Rayner
Morphett Vale, South Australia

It is satisfying to know there is a natural, local and effective approach to the irritating problem of head lice.
Ruth Smith

Thank you for making Head Lice Zapper shampoo and deterrent spray.

Last Christmas holidays my two girls and myself suffered through long term infestation while treating our nits with the (1) the most natural alternative at the supermarket (2) the most medicated products at the stores. They (nits/lice) didn’t seem to go away. So frustrating. Not until I found your products did the creatures disappear and the bonus was I didn’t even have to comb my 3 year olds nits out anymore. Thank Heavens.

I began spraying my 6 year olds hair with the deterrent spray. Her school seems to have many nits. She went through two terms of school nit free. When I stopped using the deterrent spray it wasn’t long before she had nits again.

We are back on Zapper again and I can confidently say we are nit free once again.
Loki Jaeger
Stokers Siding NSW

When I had my baby I vowed to use natural ingredients on her skin. After coming across your products at my local markets I purchased the Baby Body wash and Baby Oil. Her skin was beautifully soft and full of moisture. I ran out of your product before I could get to purchase more and used Johnson’s baby bath- well- Her skin broke out with an awful rash on one cheek – and no matter what I used I could not make it disappear- short of using prescription creams. On a whim I again purchased your Baby bath wash and no word of a lie, in a couple of days the rash disappeared. I am sure it is the wonderful natural ingredients in this product. I am now never without it and would highly recommend it to anyone with babies or children. Thankyou for such a wonderful product.
Caitlen Moore
Tamborine QLD