Terms and Conditions

Arianrhod Aromatics is committed to protecting our customer privacy and security.

Our Privacy Policy sets out our general handling information practices.

We are committed to complying with both the Privacy Act and the National Privacy Principles and we assure you that we will endeavour to meet these obligations.

Glossary of Definitions
“Backorder” is defined as ordered product/s that could not be supplied in the first delivery, which will then be supplied in a subsequent delivery.
“Business” is defined as Arianrhod Aromatics
“Customer” is defined as the person responsible for the purchase.
“Damage” includes (but is not limited to) any economic, physical, direct or indirect effect that occurs as a result of the use of the Products.
“Loss” includes all direct and indirect loss whatsoever and also includes any and all losses suffered by any third party.
“Personal Information” please see our Privacy Policy for details
“Privacy Policy” is defined as the current Arianrhod Aromatics privacy policy, as displayed on the website
“Products” is defined as the product/s supplied by the Business that is the subject of the Purchase.
“Purchase” is defined as the purchase made with and accepted by Arianrhod Aromatics in relation to the goods purchased by or on behalf of the customer.
“Website” is defined as
Terms and Conditions
  1. The contract for purchase between the Business and the Customer is subject to the following terms and conditions and (as it applies) Australian law. These terms and conditions apply except to the extent of any inconsistencies with any applicable laws, in which event such laws will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency. These terms and conditions constitute the entirety of the agreement between the Business and the Customer.
  1. The purchase is valid only for provision of goods in respect of which it is accepted the Business. No payment accepted by the Business in respect of a purchase is refundable unless the goods are returned, undamaged, within 14 days of the date of purchase. It will be up to the discretion of the Business to initiate any remedial action outside of this time frame.
  1. The Business will make all reasonable endeavours to provide to the Customer with the goods ordered within a reasonable time frame but, in some circumstances, the Business may have to put a purchase on backorder. The Business accepts no liability to the Customer in circumstances where a product is not immediately available, or a stated delivery date is not met.
  1. The Customer acknowledges that the Business may need to cancel or backorder goods due to industrial action, supply restrictions, or transport problems, or any event beyond the Business’s reasonable control, and delivery times are not guaranteed. In no circumstances will the Business be liable for any Losses that a Customer may incur as a result of any such delayed order.
  1. To the maximum extent permitted under law, and subject to these terms and conditions, the Business is not liable for Loss or Damage caused to the Customer or any third party as a result of the Purchase and / or use of the Product. Customer should discontinue the use of a Product if they have any physical or other reactions to the Product. Products must be used in accordance with the directions. Business will rely on all limitations of liability and defences under any applicable law. The Business reserves all rights against any other person, including rights of contribution and indemnity.
  1. These terms and conditions of sale may not be altered, modified or waived by any person except in writing.
  1. These terms and conditions also apply to the Business’s employees, agents and representatives, all other contractors used by the Business to carry the Customer’s goods and those contractors’ employees, agents and representatives.
  1. Once an order has been dispatched the Business cannot change the delivery address from that originally stated on the order.
  1. Except as set out in these terms and on the Website, the Customer agrees that the Business has not made any representations or warranties and that, in any case, the Customer has not relied on any such representation or warranty in agreeing to the Purchase. Specifically, the Customer agrees that the Business does not warrant the performance of the Products in any way. The effects of the Products will vary from person to person and so the Business cannot guarantee that the Products will achieve a particular result.
  1. The Business accepts no liability for any charges that the Customer may incur or Losses that may occur as a result of using the electronic payment system on the Website.
  1. The Business is not liable for any Loss or Damage resulting from disclosure of any Personal Information of the Customer, provided that the Business complies with its Privacy Policy.
  2. You agree to receive an automatic email from our authorised review partner, asking you for feedback on the products you have ordered. You are under no obligation to leave a review.
Silver Circle Specific Terms and Conditions
  1. Repeat purchase discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts unless explicitly stated in the promotion.
  2. Loyalty points are earned on purchases where points are not redeemed. Points will not be earned on any orders that are partially or wholly paid for with points.
  3. Loyalty point discounts can be redeemed during sale events that do not require the use of a coupon code.
  4. Loyalty point discounts cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other discounts that require the redemption of a coupon code.
  5. Points earned will be awarded 10 days after your order is completed.
  6. If ordered items are returned, points for the returned item will be deducted.