Having a carefully-curated skincare routine can often help boost your confidence, but it’s also important not to skimp on your hair care routine. After all, excellent hair care can leave you with thick, flowing locks. Putting together an effective hair care routine can also help to repair any damage to your hair, such as dryness caused by changing weather conditions or exposure to heat.

Ready to get started? Here are a few products you might want to consider incorporating into your hair care rituals.

Hemp Shampoo

Our Hemp & Hibiscus Shampoo is the perfect addition to any hair care routine, containing a carefully selected blend of ingredients designed to leave your hair looking and feeling great. For example, hibiscus is famed for preventing hair loss since it includes a range of natural amino acids. These amino acids contribute to your body’s production of keratin: a protein that supports hair growth and discourages split ends. Meanwhile, the natural hemp seed oil has a rich essential fatty acid structure, which helps to restore and lock in moisture.

If a lack of moisture is your most-pressing hair care issue, you may also benefit from using our Moisturizing Hair Wash for all Hair Types. Notably, this hair wash contains Panthenol B5, a vitamin that helps to seal moisture in your hair follicles. As such, it’s a fantastic product for those experiencing dry, flaky scalp or dry hair. Read up on the details to decide if it’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Hemp Conditioner

The Hemp & Hibiscus shampoo pairs perfectly with our Hemp & Hibiscus conditioner. This conditioner is specifically designed to restore moisture in your hair. It also has a range of soothing properties which means you can use it to treat dry, itchy scalps or dandruff.

If you prefer not to use conditioner but are looking for products that can offer your hair similar benefits, you’ll love our Hair Rinse. This product contains a range of carefully selected products, such as apple cider vinegar, which removes any built-up hair products from your hair, such as conditioner, shampoo, and serums. It also helps to restore your hair’s natural PH balance so you can feel healthy and fresh all day long.

Organic Lice Treatment

Dealing with head lice is more than just an annoyance; it can also be very uncomfortable. Thankfully, our range of handmade hair products includes a variety of organic lice treatment products. For example, our Head Lice Zapper Natural Hair Wash contains a range of all-natural and very effective ingredients such as eucalyptus, hemp oil, and chamomile. We picked these ingredients because we’ve found that they can bring head lice under control with the least amount of fuss and effort on your end.

We’ve also curated a Natural Head Lice Deterrent Mist for parents who fear their child may contract head lice from public places like school, nursery, or birthday parties. This deterrent mist contains lavender and witch hazel, which are both known for keeping head lice at bay.

At Arianrhod Aromatics, we pride ourselves on creating consistently fantastic products that our customers are sure to love. And, we didn’t just stop at hair care: we also offer a range of all-natural skin and body care products that leave your skin supple and shiny. Check out our inventory today!