Alternative Solutions

Arianrhod Aromatics handcrafts various specialty products custom-designed to offer users relief from the numerous health challenges that can be attributed to the rigours of modern living.

We take the time to study ancient, time-tested remedies and ingredients from all over the world. We additionally tap into the latest scientific “discoveries” about the human body and mind, as well as the miracles of nature.

Alternative Solutions from Arianrhod Aromatics are wonderful gifts from nature. These combinations of fine quality ingredients are specifically cultivated to help enhance user health and wellbeing through hemp skincare.

Furthermore, we offer these specialty product selections in keeping with our motto: “love all, serve all.”

Hemp Skincare Products

Hemp seed oil products utilise a method for unrefined oil extraction by cold-pressing hemp seeds. Users can gain several skincare benefits from using hempseed oil products due to its nourishing vitamin content and moisturising qualities. Some of the benefits of using hempseed oil products include:

  • Anti Aging Properties
  • Moisturisation
  • Oil Production Moderation
  • Soothing Inflammation

Hemp Balm

Arianrhod Aromatics’ hemp balm is just one of our many available hemp skincare products online. In fact, we consider it our ideal, specialised solution to help users address pain. Relying on a 100% pure essential oils blend, hemp balm can penetrate the skin to soothe muscle and joint pain.

We designed our hemp balm specifically for users that face tired or aching muscles. We focused on several ingredients that penetrate and ease muscle pain in a handcrafted product that is entirely free of synthetic ingredients.

Simply rub the balm directly into the painful area to experience muscle and joint soreness and tension relief. Moreover, users can rub the formula into the temples to relieve lingering and persistent headaches.

Arianrhod provides this hemp skincare product online in both essential oil fragrances and fragrance-free options.

Hemp Cream

Arianrhod Aromatics hemp cream is one of our many available hemp skincare products online as a natural, essential oil fragrance in the Hemp Cream with Kigelia version or fragrance-free option.

Fragranced hemp cream provides the strength of Kigelia Africana, an extract from the Kigelia sausage tree native to the tropical regions of Africa. Kigelia oil remains an effective healer of skin wounds and other issues. We then enrich the cream with the lovely scents of 100% pure essential oil blends, manuka, and other natural aromatics.

Users can utilise this hemp cream as a daily moisturiser for the face, sun-drenched spots, aromatherapy, and massage to assist with healing.

For those preferring a fragrance-free selection, Arianrhod provides the Cannabis Sativa Hemp Cream. This handcrafted solution relies on the wondrous properties and incredible ability of Australian Hemp Oil.

Treat your skin with loving care to preserve moisture and introduce nutrients to achieve the healthiest, best-looking skin possible.

Alternative, Ethical Solutions

Arianrhod Aromatics believes in telling the truth to potential new product fans, and those already appreciating our products. We are an ethical and environmentally-responsible manufacturer focusing on putting love, care, and effort into everything we create. This means notably testing only on willing, human participants with organic, naturally-sourced, and synthetic ingredients that come from the amazing world around us.

We offer a variety of hemp skincare products online and provide ingredient lists for every product we produce. Arianrhod hopes that this helps guide customers when considering selections to make informed choices in the products that work best for them.

We understand that every person is different. For this reason, we encourage everyone to explore our catalogue of selections and consider what we have to offer. Arianrhod wants everyone to feel comfortable when deciding on the right selection for them. Browse our products in our carefully-chosen Alternative Solutions, or select from the categories below: