I Need To Relax

Whether taking a long bath or getting a massage, we all have ways to destress. What easier way to do so than with some relaxing essential oils? Spray some onto your hands and skin before massaging out those muscles, or if you want to lay down and smell the flowers, we have some delightful pillow mists. Revitalize your body and rejuvenate your mind with our relaxing essential oils.

Essential Oils for Your Body and Soul

If you’re seeking some relaxing oils, look no further than our Bath and Body Oils. Mari-J-Majik Body Oil is a cold-pressed hemp seed oil mixed with avocado, rice bran, a unique blend of lavender, and more.

If you want something lighter, try a spritz of Balancing Bath and Body Oil mixed with peach extract and rose geranium for a pleasing aroma. You can use these and other body oils in the shower or bath, as a massage oil on yourself or a partner, or as a post-shower moisturizer.

You’ll Never Miss Bedtime With a Pillow Mist

Do you find yourself struggling to settle enough to fall asleep at night? Try our relaxing Pillow Mist. Just spray a little onto your pillow before bedtime; the pleasing aroma will help you nod off. You can also use it on curtains, other bedding, and soft furnishings to give a harmonizing and balanced feel to the different spaces of your house.

Always vegan-friendly, our handmade Australia-based relaxing essential oils can help you destress. Check out this page and see what else we have to offer.