I Want To Improve Sun-Damaged Skin

Sun damage can easily happen to anyone. Whether your skin is naturally fair and sensitive, you stayed out a little longer than you should have, or the sunscreen wore off, we’ve all tangled with sunburn. Arianrhod Aromatics has a treatment for sun-damaged skin. These handmade lotions and creams can help you feel better and restore your skin’s vitality.

The Sun is Fun, to an Extent

Your healthy skin cells take a beating whenever you expose them to sunlight without protection. Over time, this sun damage can build up, leaving you with brown spots, deep wrinkles, and lines, or dry, scaly patches known as actinic keratoses. In some cases, sun damage can also lead to skin cancer. Learning how to treat sun-damaged skin is important. We provide a range of products to help.

How We Can Help

We supply plenty of healing products for sun-damaged skin. Our Sativa Nourish After Sun Body Lotion contains the power of aloe to soothe sunburn. But it also holds silk amino acids, which can help counteract the build-up of melanin and sun damage.

Need something for after the sunburn has healed or to heal a years-long battle with the sun? Our Hemp Cream with Kigelia and Sausage Tree Cream features kigelia extract, which can effectively heal minor to major skin problems. And for royalty, our Sativa Lush Whipped Butter Lush contains silk amino acids and shea butter to leave your skin feeling smooth and visibly radiant.

Find the right treatment for your sun damaged skin at Arianrhod Aromatics. We can help with all your skincare needs with our Australia-based handmade products.a