All-natural skincare products aren’t just for women! Men deserve plenty of love, tenderness, and the right blend of plant oils to care for their bodies from head to toe. Our masculine, smooth and chemical-free all-natural skin care products will balance your strength and gentleness. Nimbin or Oakmoss, gentlemen? A variety of all-natural skincare soaps, creams, shave mists, and moisturizers for men could be the boost of self-care you need.

Aluminium-Free Deodorants 

Aluminium deodorants are often harsh and abrasive, blocking your body’s natural perspiration. Our aluminium-free deodorant mist or roll-on is vegan, unisex, and contains hemp seed oil. It’s also free of petrochemicals. You won’t get overly sweaty on a hot day due to the drying abilities of sodium bicarbonate.

Does it work? Yes! Don’t worry about unkind odours; the colloidal silver acts as an antibacterial. Nimbin is also an anti-inflammatory mixed with essential oil blends of lemon myrtle and Australian hemp seed oil. The light-lasting, fresh fragrance allure is difficult to resist.

Aluminium-free deodorant comes in fresh fragrances with a bouquet of petitgrain, mandarin, rose geranium, and patchouli for a reliable “fresh-all-day” deodorant that actually works. Similarly, aluminium-free deodorant in oakmoss is a top-of-the-line deodorant with a mixture of lemon, lime, clove, rose geranium and sandalwood–woodsy, low-intensity clean lemon, with a bit of spice.

Oakmoss, Nimbin, and Fragrance-Free Hemp Soaps

Hemp soap is a safe and healthy alternative to over-the-counter bar soaps that either leave you feeling filmy or dry. Our Fragrance-Free Hemp Soap encourages relaxation while protecting you from sensitive skin itchiness, rashes, and other common allergens heavy chemical soaps can cause. Oakmoss and the fan favourite (Nimbin) hemp soaps are a perfect duo for the complimentary aluminium-free deodorants. Our Nimbin soap includes a calming array of lavender and uplifting, happiness-inducing lemon-myrtle.

All our soaps have a soft, soothing, gossamer effect with an easy-going lather, each handcrafted in carefully responsible, small batches. The blend of oils will remind you of Australia instantly, no matter where you may be.

Shaving Lotion and After Shave Mist

Mari-J Majik Shaving Lotion will gently prepare your skin for a close shave. It glides across your face with ease; your skin will get all of the benefits of an all-natural shave known to promote fatty acid regeneration. This may help reduce breakouts after a shave as well.

Pair the shave lotion with an excellent shave mist. These pure essential oil blends mingle into an aromatic and revitalizing Oakmoss After Shave Mist. Well-balanced with lemon, lime, rose geranium, clove and more, it’s the perfect addition to your morning routine. You’ll get your moisture back without that tight, dry feeling most products leave behind. Your pores will be pleased with a spritz of the after-shave mist that’ll leave your face super supple and soft. Sandalwood offers a woodsy, robust leather and a powerful, manly distinctive bouquet while promoting anti-aging and reducing inflammation.

If you love the scent and results of the Mari-J-Majik Shaving Lotion, top it off with the Mari-J Majik Body Lotion to keep the magic coming. Also consider trying out our scar fading oils, Zero Tolerance Cream, masks, scrubs, and toners for even more natural self-care products.