Zero Tolerance Cream

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Zero Tolerance cream came about by the owner of this business’s own needs. Due to salicylate sensitivity, Iamme needed to develop a natural product that was: fragrance and essential oil free; salicylate free; (look up salicylates if you have ongoing skin rashes that will not clear), and nut oil free.

 Using cold pressed Rice Bran Oil, Cacao and Cupuaçu Butters (both described as ‘Food of the Gods’) and rounding it off with a liberal dash of liquid silk, (silkworm friendly Silk Amino Acids, to lock in natural moisture and give protection from the elements) Iamme crafted this ‘basic’ cream that can be used all over the body.

 Iamme originally used this luxurious cream from head to toe to keep her skin, formerly dry and damaged, soft, supple and itch free. As she has since developed a histamine intolerance, she has developed a new product, Hemp Cream.

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