My Skin Is Hyper-Sensitive

Finding the right products for sensitive skin that are within your budget can be difficult. Arianrhod Aromatics’ handmade sensitive skincare products are created with health and wellness in mind, regardless of your specific needs.

Sensitive Soap That isn’t a Total Wash

Are you just trying to stay clean, but washing has become painful because of sensitivity or irritation? Try the best wash for sensitive skin: Hemp Soap Fragrance-Free. It has all the goodness of hemp, none of the harmful additives, and no added essential oils. This au natural product is gentle enough on the skin to use everywhere daily.

Zero Tolerance

Do you have a histamine intolerance? Hemp Cream was made especially for those whose skin can’t tolerate histamine. This cream blends Australian hemp oil, cold-pressed bran seed oil, and silk amino acids to moisturise and revitalize your skin from the bottom layer up. No fragrance, no additives, no histamines, just natural goodness.

If you absolutely cannot handle salicylates, we offer Zero Tolerance Cream. This cream is a godsend when your patience has worn out, and you need relief from itchy, dry, irritated skin. Made with the richness of cacao and cupuaçu butter, it can soothe and deeply moisturise sensitive or damaged skin.

Always handmade and vegan-friendly, our Australia-based sensitive skincare products bring you relief. For all your other skincare and aromatic needs, we have many additional products from which to choose.