Mum & Baby

We believe the special relationship between mum and baby is as pure and delicate as your baby’s new skin. That purity should be protected by unadulterated 100% and all-natural skincare products, too (which means no chemical phthalates synthetics, ever).

Whether you’re a new or seasoned mum, you want to take the best care of your baby with trusted products. We can help! We’ve created chemical-free, completely organic baby skincare products to make it easy to take care of both of you. After your little one is washed, clean, and swaddled, mums can also destress with our relaxing and mood-rejuvenating washes.

Baby Wash and Balms

Baby care should never compromise and should always be soothing. Here are some products that can help you focus on your baby’s needs.

Baby Body Wash

Our 100% vegan Baby Body Wash is crafted from pure essential oils and shows mastery of the relaxing, lightly sweet florals of lavender. This makes it perfectly calming for your baby after a day of visual discovery, new smells, and sounds. A combination of quieting chamomile, hemp, and calendula sets your little one up for easy slumber and refreshed skin and hair with organic baby skincare. Calendula helps to calm inflammation and can be especially helpful for babies with baby acne, cradle crap, or eczema. As a welcome bonus, it also has splendid wound healing benefits!

Bottoms Up Baby Bum Balm

Organic baby skincare has an uncanny ability to treat common skin irritations. Nappy rash is unpleasant for your infant. Our rich salve can treat those and other minor skin irritations.

In particular, calendula is ultra-effective for treating skin wounds and reducing inflammation. It will also keep your baby’s skin clean with its antifungal and antibacterial properties. We boost its effects with virgin jojoba, shea butter, rosehip, and St. John’s Wort oils. Mum can even use Bottoms Up for adult skin issues too, making this the perfect 2-in-1 product for your shelf.

Gentle and Sensitive Hemp Soaps and Oils

Don’t overlook the contents of the soaps and oils you may be exposing your baby to every day! Choose products that are right for your child’s skin.

Hemp Soap: Fragrance-Free And Gentle Fragrance 

Our gentle hemp soaps get the job done for mums who aren’t sensitive to fragrance or need to go fragrance-light. Our all-natural skincare products avoid the abrasive chemicals that other products won’t. When you choose to go without artificial fragrances, you can prevent allergic reactions and reap the divine, silk and smoothening benefits of a hemp lather.

Enriched with olive, coconut, shea butter, and hemp seed oils, you’ll bathe longer for more of that tranquil self-care. What could be better?

Big Bubbles Natural Bubble Bath

An organic bubble bath is the way to go when it’s time for a soaking bath, peace, and quiet. Essential oil blends of mandarin, delightful orange and sweet vanilla create a calming, soothing effect. Mandarin is known to reduce pain and anxiety and help with acne. Light your favourite candle, dim the lights, and throw refreshing cucumber slices on your eyes. You’ll be yawning before you’re even wrapped in your robe!

Transformative Scar Fading Oil 

Lovingly care for the pregnancy stretch marks that tell the story of the sacred life you’ve birthed! Your scars are part of you, but there’s no harm in helping them fade if you’d rather not see them so boldly on your skin every day.

Our diminishing oil complements your after-bath routine. A gentle mingling of cold pressed tamanu, hemp seed, calendula, and rosehip work together to speed up the healing and regeneration of skin tissues. This oil can be used around the eyes and mouth as well.

Love the skin you’re in and nourish your baby too. Shop our cleansers, lip balms and restorative moisturisers to get started!