Love All – Serve All – That is our motto!

Arianrhod Aromatics strives in various ways to uphold this determination to love all – serve all by supporting various charities and organisations locally and around the world, who play a crucial role in sustainability for nature and local indigenous communities such as:

The Thin Green Line Foundation –

Park Rangers are the unsung heroes of many communities around the world as they risk their lives daily to protect threatened species of wildlife. Working tirelessly, generally under-equipped and underpaid, the Park Ranger’s dedicated work as nature’s protectors is invaluable and this foundation provides vital support to those in the front line of conservation – to assist them to play their part with decent working conditions, skills, tools and on-going support. The Thin Green Line Foundation is only organisation solely dedicated to protecting Park Rangers worldwide and we are pleased to be in a position to support their work.

The Fred Hollows Foundation

The ongoing brilliant work of this foundation is carried forward by donations, putting an end to avoidable blindness in developing countries, so people in these regions receive the same eye care as those in the developed world who take this service for granted. Returning the ability to see, work and restoring independence to so many people, this foundation helps many people out of poverty caused by this inability to see clearly or at all. With 94% of vision loss being preventable or treatable for Indigenous communities, a lot can be done to restore sight and this work is being done professionally and tirelessly on a daily basis by this foundation and Arianrhod is proud to be a supporter of the Fred Hollows Foundation, to assist in maintaining the future of this valuable resource.

Children’s Ground

In an effort to overcome intergenerational poverty and inequity in Australia, this model has developed a new approach, not as a program or a quick fix, but an integrated, locally led approach, designed within the communities experiencing extreme poverty and inequity. Restoration assistance with grassroots experience to achieve excellence with learning and wellbeing, also the ongoing development of these communities by looking beyond the problem to the people concerned. This charity supports cultural systems of local knowledge to build stronger ties within the community for children to grow strong and independent in diverse ways. Children’s Ground seeks to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, to begin a new cycle of independence, well-being and abundance for Indigenous Australians and Arianrhod is pleased to support this concept and this ongoing work.

Medecins Sans Frontiers – or Doctors Without Borders

A range of competent, trained, amazing medical professionals and assistants, also support workers on site who risk their own lives to volunteer – to treat people on a daily basis where the need is greatest. Delivering international medical assistance to those in distress, assisting with treatment of disease and injury in conflict and disaster zones, situations beyond the control of the local people that threaten their lives daily. Doctors Without Borders support people with impartial, professional, medical knowledge and abilities by responding wherever the need is urgent. Delivering emergency aid to people needing healthcare in zones of armed conflict, epidemics and disasters at the risk of their own lives. Arianrhod supports the ideal of this fundamental and extraordinary organisation and honours those who tirelessly work for the good of those in danger and distress.

Greening Australia

An impressive organisation with various goals including a native biodiverse tree project, admirable goals to replenish the land and protect the Earth. Already achieving 500 million native plants established and 330,000 hectares of habitat restored with 1.3 million tonnes of carbon sequestered and 20 flagship threatened animals conserved. Over 2,000 hectares of gullies have been restored and 1,000 hectares of wetlands and by having 6,600 landholders engaged and 100 indigenous partnerships, 3,000 indigenous trainees and 12,500 volunteers involved to achieve their goals, the current achievements of this amazing organisation are growing exponentially – with 50-80% improvement in Reef Water Quality. Arianrhod are proud supporters of the long-term goals of Greening Australia and their view of land restoration and the biodiverse aspects of this project.

The World Land Trust –

Protecting and sustainably managing natural ecosystems around the world, the World Land Trust focuses on endangered habitats and species, developing partnerships with local individuals and communities and engaging support from local people in project areas. An International conservation charity that protects the most biologically significant, threatened habitats acre by acre, through a network of partner organisations, providing permanent protection for these habitats and their individual wildlife. Sustainably managing natural ecosystems and raising awareness of the need for conservation world wide.

Arianrhod considers the work of the above organisations to be intrinsically important concerning the future of our world and makes donations to these organisations on a regular basis.

As well as the above charities, Arianrhod also supports the fundraising activities of Mt. Warning Community Pre School in our local area and:

A very successful and fascinating microfinance organisation that make dreams come true for people beyond the reach of the usual financial assistance. With 1.8 million ‘lenders’ and $1.4 billion loans active in 78 countries around the world, this organisation assists women, agriculture, education and refugees in a very eco-friendly, sustainable way – by lending money for new ideas and projects to assist individuals and communities support themselves in their own way that has proven to be sustainable and enjoyable for those concerned. People in need of financial assistance who are excluded from the usual lending process others take for granted. Lenders crowdfund loans in increments of $25 or more and the repayments are used to fund new loans, donate or withdraw money as the situation requires – and 100% of the money accumulated goes directly into loans to assist those in need including local farmers, artisans, students, shopkeepers, builders and owners of small businesses and restaurants that are integral to community ideals. Kiva money assists these people to make an income to support their families and Arianrhod is pleased to be able to support this organisation on a regular basis.


You too can help directly, by lending as little as $25 to Kiva, to assist various people with ingenuity and local talent to create opportunities for themselves and to better their communities – or support any or all of the above charities to help them achieve their impressive and achievable goals.



Iamme would like to thank all customers since day one, for their valuable contribution to these organisations through purchasing Arianrhod’s natural product range, which enables Arianrhod Aromatics to make regular monthly donations and continue supporting these goals.  

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