Hair Care Recommendations: Handmade Organic Cosmetics

You might not realise that the hair care products you see while strolling down the aisle in your local supermarket are full of harmful chemicals. 17 hazardous ingredients are commonly used in shampoos and conditioners, and these items can wreak havoc on your hair and health. 

Using organic cosmetics and hair care products is a great way to treat your body and hair right. Improve the health of your scalp while ensuring your hair looks full and lustrous. Organic hair care products contain natural ingredients that don’t have negative effects on your hair. 

This guide will discuss the best organic hair care products you can buy from Arianrhod Aromatics. It’s never too late to start using high-quality products for your hair. 

Explore Our Organic Hair Care Products

There are many types of hair care solutions you can explore on our website. Let’s talk about some of the most popular ones. 

Organic Shampoo

Our Hemp, Hibiscus, and Silk Shampoo restores balance to your hair. The base of this shampoo is water that’s been infused with amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz crystals.

Another primary ingredient in the natural shampoo is hibiscus. Hibiscus is effective at helping with the following:

  • Preventing early graying
  • Discourage split ends 
  • Improving your hair growth 

Other oils are added to our shampoo to soothe dry and itchy scalps, improving the appearance of dandruff. These ingredients include:

  • Green tea
  • Comfrey
  • Chamomile
  • Rosemary
  • Shea

Organic Conditioner

Hydrate your hair and make it easy to comb out with our organic Hemp, Hibiscus, and Silk Conditioner. Hemp seed oil helps restore hair that’s been chemically treated.

If you’ve colored, bleached, or permed your hair, you’ll want to check out this conditioner. You can also rely on the hibiscus for hair growth.

Head Lice Zapper

Organic Lice Treatments

Having to deal with lice is something you never want to encounter. Many lice treatments claim to be effective. However, they often fail to kill the lice eggs, resulting in future breakouts and infestations. 

Our Organic Head Lice Zapper Hair Wash will stop lice in their tracks. Our hair wash eliminates the need to use a fine toothcomb to find lice in your child’s hair. Feel confident that you’re using a safe, effective lice removal product that won’t damage your child’s hair in the process. 

Once the lice situation in your house is under control, you’ll want to apply the Natural Head Lice Deterrent Mist. This organic product is safe to use on your and your family’s hair each day to prevent lice in the future. It’s made from these ingredients:

  • Witch hazel base
  • Rosemary 
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus 

Organic Oils and Serums

Our organic serums and oils are designed to nourish and moisturise your hair. Our Silk Tresses contain natural ingredients, such as:

  • Hemp seed
  • Argan oil
  • Bergamot
  • Jojoba

Argan oil is chock full of Vitamin E and fatty acids. Some of the benefits it provides your hair include:

  • Fight frizz 
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Improves natural shine
  • Protects from damage
Silk Tresses

Shop Our Selection of Organic Cosmetics and Hair Care Products 

We put our hair through a lot. From hot styling products to harsh chemicals, you want to treat your hair with things that’ll restore it. Organic hair care products are the best way to hydrate and nourish your hair. 

Arianrhod Aromatics carries a wide range of organic cosmetics and hair care products. Shop our online store and place an order today.   

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