How To Take Care of Sensitive Skin: Learn More

Sensitive skin is when your skin is more prone to inflammation due to various reasons. If you have sensitive skin, you have to be extra careful about anything you eat, put on your skin, and the products you clean your home with.

If you are still not sure how to take care of sensitive skin because it keeps breaking out or showing up with hives, then you are probably using the wrong products on your sensitive skin. Keep reading to find out more.  

Use Natural Products

This is the first thing you will want to do when it comes to your skincare regime. Throw out all products (or give away to less sensitive folks) that aren’t 100% natural.

For example, Kigelia Oil (Majik Oil) is made from Tamanu Oil and extracted from the Sausage tree. It’s plant-based and doesn’t have any weird chemical ingredients in it that you can’t name, pronounce, or understand.   

Avoid Products With Fragrances or Chemicals

Lots of products nowadays have fragrances included in them and alcohol in various forms, all of which are irritating to sensitive skin. Make sure you read the labels of skincare products carefully and see exactly what they include. 

If it has fragrance, try to find a fragrance-free version. Same with any other chemical ingredients.  

Don’t Overdo It With the Products

If your skin is sensitive, you will want to keep your natural skincare routine simple. No need to start using the 10-step Korean beauty care routine. It will just irritate your skin and make it flare up. 

Choose one or two natural products like Sativa Nurture that are multipurpose and help with several things like moisturizing, soothing, and healing.  

Try Products Meant To Soothe Sensitive Skin

Sativa Nurture includes ingredients like Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Calendula, and more. All these ingredients are meant to soothe and heal sensitive skin naturally. 

You will feel the difference in your skin as soon as you put this moisturiser on. And these are the kinds of products you want to have in your natural skincare routine.

There’s no need to think that because your skin is sensitive, it needs expensive products. Simple products with natural ingredients will go a long way when it comes to soothing sensitive skin. 

Don’t forget to give these natural products time to work on your skin. Take at least 2-4 weeks of regular usage to discern if they are working for your skin or not.  

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How To Take Care of Sensitive Skin 101

Now you know how to take care of sensitive skin. And you know it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

If you look through the testimonials and reviews on our website of our various products for sensitive skin, you will see how folks are constantly impressed by how much their skin improves by using natural homegrown Australian products. 

Check out our online catalogue of products to pick the ones that will help soothe sensitive skin and calm it down again. There’s no need to suffer any longer.  

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