Amber Essence

Amber essence oil is the liquid form of the solid mass of fossilised tree resin known as Amber. From a dry distillation process, crude Amber oil is produced from the resin. Sunflower oil, Frankincense, agar wood and some other exotic oils are all merged together to obtain Amber Essence Oil. As a transparent, yellow-coloured liquid, the Amber resin is obtained from more than one tree and so, there can be a lot of variety in the aroma and quality of the essence oil. It is often extensively used in aromatherapy, perfume manufacturing and as a health product. Here are a few ways in which Amber Essence Oil is used:

Hair care with Amber Essence Oil: The medicinal and psychological benefits of Amber Essence for the brain are quite interesting. It is known to soothe the body and induce sleep. However, it has also found to have a positive effect on the scalp as well. When applied as an oil, it helps rejuvenate the hair follicles, working most effectively when applied through a scalp massage.
Skin care with Amber Essence Oil: There are lots of creams and lotions that promise anti-aging. A surprisingly effective natural items that promises and delivers is Amber Essence Oil. It helps refresh the skin, it rejuvenates new skin cells by clearing the old ones and it also clears pores in the skin leaving it glowing.
Perfumed use of Amber Essence Oil: If you read the ingredients in perfume, you will likely have noticed a particular scent called the ‘Amber scent’ or essence. This scent is a unique feature of the Amber Essence Oil which is why I use it as a natural perfume ingredient. You can find it in a number of Arianrhod perfumes, including the Esteem Perfume Oil.

Amber Essence is an extremely sophisticated natural oil that has a number of benefits and a completely unique fragrance.

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