Bearberry (arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

The bearberry is a trio of well-known dwarf shrubs found both in Arctic regions and equatorial regions around the world, the Alpine Bearberry, Red Bearberry and Common Bearberry. It has many different names around the world including the cowberry, mountain cranberry, foxberry and the sandberry.

From the skin to the digestive system; bearberries get used in medicines, cosmetic products and dietary plans. Folklore also makes frequent mention of the bearberry fruit and leaves for various ailments. Folklore or not, scientific studies have proven many of the benefits of using bearberry for hair and skin care, including:

Bearberries in skin products: Bearberry extract is now frequently found in skin lightening products, primarily to aimed at reducing the occurrence of freckles and melisma. Natural sunblock lotions often make use of it to help prevent the skin from suffering excessive sun damage and discolouration. At Arianrhod Aromatics, I use it in the Sativa Fade Anti-Aging Facial Moisturiser for this very reason.

Bearberries in the diet: The same bearberry extracts in skin care products is also useful for settling a stomach disorder. Be it inflammation or a bug attack, the bearberry extract is extremely helpful. It cleanses the stomach and helps to strengthen the bodies immune system.

Bearberries in other uses: While cosmetic and digestive use is the most common, bearberry has also been used successfully to remove harmful toxins from the skin and body. It helps to detoxify the body and speed the healing process when immunity is low. Some studies have found it may also reduce headache pain.

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