Geranium Bourbon (pelargonium graveolens)

Harmonising, balancing. Useful for all skin types with its sebum (oil) balancing action. Good for sluggish, congested or oily skin.

Geranium essential oil, floral and sweet, with an earthy aroma, was not much used until the last 100 years, when it was found to be able to extend the fragrance qualities of Rose. It is now used frequently in the perfume industry to extend Rose, and when blended is called ‘Rose Geranium’.

On its own, essential oil of Geranium is very often associated with feminine energy. It stimulates the adrenal cortex to balance hormones, making it an excellent choice for soothing symptoms of PMS and menopause. A massage oil with Geranium can be used to treat menstrual cramps and sore breasts.

Geranium is anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and helps stimulate circulation, making it helpful for varicose veins, cellulite, diabetes, and neuralgia. It is also an insect repellent capable of dealing with lice, ringworm, and impetigo. Geranium soothes and heals insect bites as well.
Geranium is also anti-fungal and can be useful in treating Candida and Athlete’s Foot.

Emotionally, Geranium is calming, antidepressant, and uplifting. It stabilizes an overly emotional person and can be helpful with hyperactive children. Diffusing Geranium into the air can make us feel regenerated and nurtured, boost your self-esteem and foster improved creativity and communication.

The skin benefits greatly from products made with Geranium essential oil. It can be used on shingles, acne, burns, scars, cuts, eczema, and psoriasis. It is particularly recommended for older skin, to smooth and prevent wrinkles, and is very useful for normalising excessively dry or oily skin.

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