Grapefruit (citrus paradisi)

Refreshing, activating, soothing. Good for congested and oily skin.

Grapefruit, also known as ‘chakotra‘(Hindi), is a subtropical citrus fruit which has a sour and slightly bitter taste. It was first cultivated in Barbados in West Indies as a hybrid fruit from a cross between Pomelo and sweet orange. Grapefruit was named after grapes because it grows like clusters similar to grapes.

Grapefruits are widely cultivated in China, United States particularly Florida, California and other semi tropical southern states. The fruit has a slightly thicker and tougher skin than that of oranges and inside, the flesh is segmented like oranges. The fruit is very juicy and acidic varying in colours ranging from white, pink and red.

Grape fruit is rich in Vitamin A, carotene and lycopene. It is often revered as the “fruit of paradise” for its health promoting benefits as well as disease healing properties. Pink and red grapefruits are rich in beta carotene. It is also a storehouse of poly-chemicals such as flavonoids, terpenes and limonoids. Pink grapefruit contains a carotenoid called lycopene Folate.  In addition to being rich in Vitamin C, grapefruits are also rich In Vitamin A, fibre, potassium and magnesium. Additionally, it contains moderate levels of Vitamin B complex such as Folate, riboflavin, pyridoxine and thiamine in addition to some resourceful minerals such as iron, calcium, copper and phosphorus.

Grapefruit oil provides many health benefits owing to its huge content of essential vitamins and minerals. It contains high amount of Vitamin A and C, minerals and anti-oxidants that benefit the skin through the grapefruit consumption or a homemade mask. The vitamin C and the antioxidant effects protect the skin from environmental hazards. It also stimulates the production of skin collagen that brings smoothness and elasticity to the skin. The retinol antioxidant gives your skin softness and, renews damaged skin and treats skin pigmentation. The potassium present in the grapefruit helps to smooth wrinkles and age spots and provides a protective shield against UV rays.

For your precious skin: We’ve included Grapefruit in our Detoxifying Body Scrub, and Hemp Cream for Veins for the intense cleansing and healing it provides.

For your wellbeing: We’ve included it Ginger Zinger Oil Blend, and we offer the essential oil of (White) Grapefruit.

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