Guaiacwood (bulnesia sarmientoi)

Guaiac wood, a timber by-product, of woodchips and sawdust are steam distilled from the heartwood of a small, wild tropical tree, that can be harvested from 4 metre in height.  The small tree, also known as guayacan, can grow to a height of 20 metres, with a diameter of about 25cm, a wild growing native, abundantly throughout the jungles of Paraguay and Argentina (the Gran Chaco region). The Guaiac wood tree produces the hardest, densest, resilient wood known. The environment of the Chaco area is rather dry, so the lack of water does determine the Distillation process.

Each extraction still has a steam inlet and outlet. The steam passes through the layer of chips taking with it the distilled oil through stainless steel pipes that take it to individual water cooled condensers. The condensed liquid of oil and water, is placed in decantation containers that allows a traditional drainage system to retain the oil and drain the water excess. Once the chips are unloaded from the stills they are used as fuel for the steam boiler.

Guaiacwood essential oil is wonderful as a skin tonic as it imparts a lustrous glow to the face by tightening the skin and reducing inflammation. Studies have demonstrated the oil is rather effective against tuberculosis and various bronchial infections. It is also considered effective for rheumatism and arthritis. The antioxidant profile allows it to scavenge free radicals and stimulate the lymphatic system, thus increasing immune efficiency. It’s scent is reputed to act as an aphrodisiac.

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