Helichrysum (helichrysum italicum)

Also known as Everlasting, rejuvenating and cleansing, Helichrysum is on par with Lavender in its capacity to regenerate cells.

Some sources report that helichrysum flowers were dried and offered to the Greek gods. Today, it continues to play an important role in the traditional medicine of Mediterranean countries, although its popularity is also spreading around the rest of the world quickly.

Helichrysum essential oil, typically from the Helichrysum italicum plant, has been established in various experimental studies to have strong abilities to lower inflammation due to several mechanisms: inflammatory enzyme inhibition, free radical scavenging (antioxidant) activity and corticoid-like effects.

Some of its many other qualities include:- anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, aids with digestion, aids in acne treatment, supports the nervous system, heart and respiratory system.

For rosacea or couperose skin types: Finally, a special formula, Nurture Facial Moisturiser, specifically formulated for its anti-inflammatory qualities, to alleviate redness, and to give you a healthy even skin tone!

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