Lemon Myrtle (backhousia citriodora)

The Lemon Myrtle is a beautiful Australian shrub, whose leaves have been used by Indigenous Australians for a swag of purposes.

Backhousia citriodora occurs naturally in the Queensland coastal forests from Brisbane to Mackay and is known by several vernacular names including Lemon Ironwood, Lemon-scented Myrtle and Sweet Verbena Tree. It is a medium-sized shrub or tree which grows up to 8 m tall with a low-branching habit. Lemon Myrtle leaves have been used traditionally to flavour foods and as a healing oil. The leaves can be used fresh or dried and the oil is also extracted through distillation.

Cleansing and uplifting, Lemon Myrtle Oil is relatively new to the world of aromatherapy, so extensive testing has not been carried out. With a deep lemon scent, it lifts the spirits bringing light and joy to the day. It appears to maybe be a stronger antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial than both tea tree and eucalyptus. Traditionally, people have been known to take myrtle for treating lung infections including bronchitis, whooping cough, and tuberculosis. They also take it for bladder conditions, diarrhea, and worms.

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