Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium is an important part of the body’s operations. It is found in white blood cells where it helps support the immune system, and elsewhere in the body it helps balance calcium absorption, can relieve stress, and can assist relaxation. Unfortunately, it is easily lost through sweat. At the skin level, magnesium helps to remove toxins and heavy metals while rejuvenating sun damaged skin, sunspots and reducing wrinkles.

Magnesium is also linked to the production of DHEA in the body. DHEA is also known as the “feel good hormone”, but our body’s DHEA levels drop as we get older. What this means is that improving DHEA levels through increased magnesium can lead to improved cognitive function for the young and the old as well as the stressed.

Using magnesium oil on the skin allows for transdermal absorption through the skin where it can reach the cells directly and help relax and relieve muscle pain and reduce cramps.

Magnesium is increasingly being touted for its power as a natural sleep aid. Magnesium also lowers stress. Specifically, it regulates cortisol, our body’s “stress hormone,” and healthy sleep requires a reduction in night-time cortisol.

For your wellbeing: Arianrhod has formulated two important products, MagHemp Joint Relief Lotion, and MagHemp Sleep Lotion. The inclusion of Magnesium Chloride in both products ensures the relief of ongoing joint pain, and relief from debilitating and life robbing sleep problems and insomnia.

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