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Musk Fragrance

Musk oil is a rare and expensive commodity, especially if the has been originally obtained from the glands of Musk deer. The species is found in forests of south Asian countries like India, China, Siberia, Mongolia, Machuria etc.  Hunting of these animals for musk oil has led to an ecological imbalance with the species nearing extinction.

Later musk oil was synthetically derived in laboratories to be used in perfumes and otherwise. It was first chemically synthesized in 1888 and was named Musk Baur. This high fragrance oil is also derived from plant sources. Foliage such as Angelica archangelica, Mimulus moschatus, seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus and Olearia argophylla produce musky aromatic compounds such as macrocyclic lactone, which are responsible for the scents we now call Musk.

Health Benefits of Musk oil are due to its several properties like antioxidant, antifungal, antiseptic and antimicrobial. The oil is also famous for its astringent properties, aromatic and anti-toxic, purifying, hydrating assets which have increased its demands in the market tremendously.

For your body: Feel and smell the benefits of the luscious ingredients and fragrances in our Sweet Musk Body Butter. (No animals were harmed in the production of our Musk Fragrance!)

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