Neroli (citrus aurantium)

Neroli essential oil comes straight from the flowers of an orange tree. It requires thousands of kilos of handpicked flowers to be produced. The fragrance of Neroli can be described as a deep, intoxicating mix of citrus and floral aromas.

Neroli is excellent at soothing agitated nerves and is especially effective at relieving feelings of stress, grief and despair. As a bonus, you can reduce your blood pressure and cortisol levels just by smelling this wondrous oil.

Neroli has many other healing qualities – antimicrobial and antioxidant, regenerates skin cells and improves the elasticity of skin… and more! You may wish to do some further research for your own interest.

For the smell good, feel good factor: We’ve included Neroli in Sativa Restore, Isabeau Perfume Oil, Moonlight Perfume Oil, and Sativa Lush Whipped Butter. Yummy!