Rock Rose (cistus)

Cistus are evergreen shrubs with profuse, 5-petalled, bowl-shaped, papery flowers in shades of white, pink or purple, each lasting a single day, but new ones flower all summer long. All varieties of rock rose require protection from frost and wind, but these ornamental colourful plants are resistant to deer, drought, salt exposure, and are hardy, handy as ground cover in rocky arid conditions.

The scent is earthy, balsamic-like, musky, spicy and warm. Rock rose is used in amber perfume and in many natural perfumes. Rock rose blends well with the essential oils of rose, myrrh, frankincense, lavender, neroli, blood orange and carrot seed.

The flower is used to make medicine. It is commonly used in Bach flower remedies. People take rock rose to treat panic, stress, extreme fright or fear, and anxiety; and for promoting calmness and relaxation.

For your veins: We’ve included rock rose in the wonderful line up of healing calming ingredients to sooth your veins, in our Cannabis Sativa Hemp Cream for Veins.

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