Sausage Tree (kigelia africana)

With its peculiar, sausage-shaped fruit and blood red, tulip-shaped flowers, the sausage tree kigelia africana (also kigelia pinnata) is a striking standout. It is native to tropical Africa, where it grows in open woodlands, along riverbanks and streams, and in floodplains. The common name is quite obviously derived from the large sausage-shaped fruit.

The traditional use of kigelia fruit in Africa has been both medicinal, as a treatment for skin complaints from eczema to skin cancer, and cosmetic, as a preparation to firm and enhance skin tissue. Several scientific studies in recent years suggest that kigelia may indeed have remarkable healing and conditioning effects on the skin. Kigelia has been scientifically proven to be anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer.

Researchers in Northern Ireland conducted an in vitro study to assess the ability of various compounds from the kigelia fruit to halt the spread of human melanoma cells. The traditional use of the fruit by folk healers to treat skin cancer and other skin disorders was the main impetus for the study. Scientists isolated several compounds from the kigelia fruit and tested them against melanoma cells in the lab. They found significant anti-cancer properties from a variety of the kigelia compounds.

The healing power of our products containing kigelia extract may very well give your skin a smoother appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkle depth. They may also promote skin elasticity, naturally lighten pigmentation, reduce blemishes and increase circulation to the skin.

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