Sweet Orange (citrus sinensis)

Oranges have been around since 2400 BC where they were mentioned throughout ancient Chinese literature. Sweet oranges were used as Qi tonics in Chinese medicine as they were known to eliminate meridian obstacles. It is theorised that Christopher Columbus took the seeds with him on his second expedition in 1493 and this is where they slowly spread throughout America.

The concentrated aroma of Sweet Orange Essential Oil is known for its uplifting, clarifying, and grounding properties and is commonly used as a freshener and a morale booster.

Sweet Orange oil has an intensely sweet aroma with a strong back note of citrus. It may help you to keep your skin healthy, may reduce stress and can act as a tonic. It may assist with dull or oily skin, puffiness, mouth ulcers, wrinkles, soften thick, chapped & fissured skin, strengthen epidermis, increase circulation & melanocyte development, increase cell hydration, and support cell regeneration.

Other Sweet Orange essential oils health benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and antiseptic properties. It may benefit colds, bronchitis, chills, constipation, flatulence, flu, gums, mouth, slow digestion, stress, constipation, dyspepsia, intestinal spasm. It may assist with increasing intestinal resorption, easing simple water retention & obesity, increasing fluid circulation, and aiding digestive processes including gallbladder function.

It may also assist your nervous system by reducing nervousness, tension, stress problems, countering worry, and may revive, energize, or harmonize your physical and mental states, encourage energy production, and inspire courageous action.

Enjoy Sweet Orange and its uplifting, reviving, healing, soothing properties that can be found in our range of fragrances and skin products below.