Volcanic Pumice

Volcanic pumice is a type of volcanic rock formed when lava with extremely high levels of water and gases is violently ejected from a volcano. As explained by the Mineral Information Institute, when the gases escape, the rock become “frothy.” Once the rock hardens, the result is a very light, buoyant material. Small “pumice stones”, ground to a fine (for the face) or course (for the body) powder is an excellent medium to remove dry skin from the face and body or calluses from the feet or hands.

Volcanic pumice makes for a mild, gentle exfoliant, especially for the face and neck areas, but can be used all over the body. Volcanic ash and pumice cleanse and purify the skin by killing bacteria and removing dead skin cells. Just ensure it’s wet and gently rub it on your face (or body, if you wish) in small circular motions.

Dry skin usually means that you have dry skin cell build up, so applying more creams and lotions will be ineffective until you have removed the dead (dry) skin. Gently remove the dead skin, uncovering your natural smooth skin, and then apply your creams and lotions.

Out with the old, in with the new: Uncover your plump new skin cells by removing the dead top layer, by gently exfoliating with Sativa Clear Facial Scrub (Acne/Oily) or Sativa Revive Facial Scrub (Normal/Dry)

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