Wild Chamomile (ormenis multicaulis)

Wild (Moroccan) Chamomile (ormenis multicaulis) is an annual herb belonging to the Asteraceae (Compositae) family.

Ormenis multicaulis is one of three varieties of chamomile used in perfumery and cosmetics.
It is different from the other Chamomiles in both chemical composition and scent. The aroma of the Wild Chamomile oil is quite a bit more penetrating and not as sweet as true Chamomile. It is used throughout the fragrance industry, commonly as a top note in colognes and perfumes.

Significantly different from Matricaria recutita (blue chamomile) or Chamomile Roman, Wild Maroccan chamomile is native to north western Africa. It grows abundantly in the wild in northern Morocco and has been distilled in that country since the nineteen-seventies. Wild Maroccan chamomile blossoms in the spring, forming its characteristic flowers at the ends of stems that grow to more than one meter in height. The entire plant is hand-harvested on concessions allotted by the government and distilled fresh.

Wild Maroccan chamomile is a perennial herb with hairy leaves. The flowers resemble small daisies, with sunny-yellow centers surrounded by white ligules. Most likely originally from northwestAfrica, Ormenis mixta has spread wild throughout theMediterranean basin.

While some claim that Moroccan chamomile is not a true chamomile, as it is steam-distilled from a chamomile-like cousin perennial plant, this renegade oil responds with an incredible array of benefits for the skin as it is rich with sesquiterpenes and azulenes. This essence, also known as Ormenis, or Ormenis Oil, offers herculean healing for body and soul.

Ormenis is said to be good for skin problems such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, and cysts. It has also been used for rheumatism and is supportive of the gall bladder.

It is also known for its calming properties; and can relax stress and tension simply by inhaling the complex aroma of this oil. Soothing, calming and relaxing. Traditionally used as a muscle relaxant and skin conditioner.

Aromatherapists may recommend that you blend a couple of drops of Moroccan with lavender in a burner or vaporiser and set it going half an hour before bedtime. It’s also thought to help to relieve headaches and migraines and is a useful oil to have around in times of emotional stress.

It is considered to have antispasmodic, cholagogue, emmenagogue, hepatic and sedative properties.

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