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Is your goal to capture a larger share of Australia’s cosmetics market? Now couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of contract manufacturing services.

Research shows the worldwide cosmetics market is expected to increase from more than $287 billion to over $415 billion between 2021 and 2028. This 5% jump can be attributed to cosmetics companies’ development of convenient packaging designs. These companies also draw customers by offering diverse product portfolios.

Arianrhod Aromatics, a leading skincare manufacturer, offers skincare private-label services for cosmetics companies. Let’s explore why you should use us as your cosmetic manufacturer.

Your Top Skincare Manufacturer

Do you run a private-label skincare business? Are you trying to capture a bigger market share in today’s cosmetics industry? Arianrhod Aromatics can work with you.

We have experience with organic and natural formulas. We’ll work with you to deliver a product you’re excited to sell using our contract manufacturing services.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Arianrhod Aromatics is a top beauty product manufacturer because we’re easy for any private-label skincare business to work with. We’ll formulate your products to your unique needs.

We may also recommend the best product ingredients based on your goals. You’ll receive custom blends for all of your products.

A top ingredient we might suggest using is hyaluronic acid. This natural substance in your body promotes skin elasticity and moisture. It can help make your customers’ skin softer and smoother.

Another ingredient to consider using is retinol. This compound is often added to anti-ageing skincare products.

Retinol helps shed dull and dead skin layers. This reveals younger-looking and fresh skin. This ingredient is often found in the following types of products:

  • Hydrating serums
  • Body creams
  • Neck creams
  • Eye creams
  • Face creams

Are you passionate about running a “green” skincare business? We can help you earn your eco-friendly status with our green manufacturing process.

We consistently use sustainable sources for our ingredients. We’re also transparent about the natural ingredients in our products.

We’ll test every product we manufacture for your skincare private-label business before it goes to production. We can meticulously handcraft your products in tiny batches to perfect every detail. You’ll have the chance to approve the final product before it’s mass-produced.

We even offer private-label and packaging services for an extra fee. These extra services will make it quicker and easier for your products to reach store shelves.

Why Skincare Private-Label Services?

Why work with a beauty product manufacturer that provides skincare private-label services? A cosmetic manufacturer can help your skincare business build its product inventory cost-effectively. You won’t have to purchase equipment (more on cost savings later).

You’ll also benefit from our experience. Don’t worry if you lack manufacturing knowledge and skills. Use ours to launch your products across Australia.

Our customers can also choose how much they want to involve themselves in our manufacturing process. We gladly work with both hands-off and hands-on clients.

The best part about working with a cosmetic manufacturer? You’ll finally see your brand’s name on your products.

Packaging and labelling products from your brand will increase your company’s exposure. It’s a better option than merely selling other cosmetics brands’ items.

Who Can Benefit?

We offer manufacturing services for a wide variety of business skincare lines. These products include face solutions, like lip balm and eye serum. Other popular products are facial cleansers and firming and toning masks.

Arianrhod Aromatics can guide you in creating body and face mists, facial moisturizers, and facial scrubs, too. Our other popular products range from oils to hair products and body products.

Our clients have successfully sold our shampoo, conditioner, essential oils, and bath and body oils. Our products don’t just benefit retail natural cosmetics or health food outlets, though.

Use our services if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • Alternative healthcare provider
  • Aromatherapist
  • Massage therapist

Arianrhod Aromatics also works with day spa managers. These individuals may specialize in natural or organic body and face treatments.

Are you a beauty or skincare therapist? Perhaps you’re looking for natural skincare solutions. We can help you, too.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a simple way to save on your labour costs and maximize your profits. You won’t need to invest in an in-house manufacturing team. You also won’t have to work with multiple vendors.

We tell our clients how much their manufacturing processes will cost them in advance. This will help you practice excellent budget control during manufacturing.

Yet another reason to hire Arianrhod Aromatics is we can help you spot possible flaws and risks in your design. Our expertise may help you avoid product failures that could cost you financially long-term.

Working with us will also allow you to focus on developing more creative product designs and prototypes. We can also quickly meet your manufacturing needs during peak production seasons. This may help you more easily scale your business.

How We Can Help With Cosmetics

Arianrhod Aromatics is your leading skincare manufacturer in Australia. We’re proud to offer top-tier contract manufacturing services to cosmetics businesses.

Our services include manufacturing custom products. We’ll involve you in every step of the process. That includes designing your product and testing it before production.

We also offer skincare private-label services. This means we can package and label your products for you.

Ready to start selling high-quality cosmetics? We’ll be glad to discuss your needs during an initial consultation. Contact us today!

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