Apricot Kernel (prunus armeniaca)

Apricot kernel oil is a naturally nutrient rich oil that is produced from the kernels or seeds of apricots. The health benefits of these kernels are quite surprising. It has often been cited in research as a remedy for a number of health conditions, including cancer and other life-threatening problems. The light oil that is made from the apricot seed or kernel is a delight to use as a massage oil because of its ability to make the skin soft, moist and healthy.

Apricot kernel oil for the skin: Apricot kernel oil is a very highly recommended skin enrichment product. When skin has a low lipid content it results in damaged and dry skin which leads to irritation and scratching. Apricot kernel oil helps soothe the irritation and heal the damaged skin. As Shirley Price, the co-author of Aromatherapy for Health Professionals suggests, apricot kernel oil could also help prevent or minimise the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. That’s why it is in a number of Arianrhod Aromatics moisturisers and I included it in the Arianrhod Aromatics Tummy Oil for this very reason as it helps to reduce the severity of stretch marks. A number of customers have reported this works great for reducing stretch marks elsewhere on the body as well.
Apricot kernel oil for the face: From facial moisturisers to scrubs, Arianrhod Aromatics has a range of products that use this light oil to help unblock pores, remove impurities, clear acne and help in deep cleansing of damaged and irritable skin. The oil has numerous nutrients that can help balance your skin tone as well as the moisture so as to prevent your skin from drying up. The creams and moisturisers are also packed with antioxidants which are very helpful for battling harsh environments.
Apricot kernel oil for the hair: The kernel oil acts as a very important stimulant for the follicles which helps in hair growth. Not only that, but the kernel oil makes your hair soft and shiny, keeps the hair roots nourished, helps the scalp remain moist to prevent irritation and is not harmful like other chemical products that can result in hair falling out.
Apricot kernel oil for other ailments: Apricot kernel seeds with their oil can be used during pregnancy to reduce the effect of stretch marks on the mother’s body and research suggests it could help fight some kinds of cancer. 

Apricot kernel oil is an excellent natural remedy to many of our skin, hair and facial problems that is suitable for most skin types.