Mari-J-Majik Facial Moisturiser

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Feed your skin every day, every night with this luxuriously rich facial moisturiser as it readily absorbs to feed your skin with just the right balance of nutrients and moisture it needs.

Cold-pressed Australian Hemp Seed Oil is well known for aiding in clearing up acne and this effective product also contains …

  • apricot oil to help exfoliate and moisturise while relieving inflammatory conditions
  • argan oil – a beauty secret of old, with many uses for hair, skin and nails for elasticity and shine
  • rice bran oil promotes hydration, reduces pigmentation, evens out skin tone, reducing fine lines
  • jojoba oil helps heal chaffing and chapping while reducing redness of dry skin
  • meadowfoam oil to form a natural barrier, helping to lock in natural moisture
  • ginseng also offers healing and qualities of warmth while …

The Essential oils of …

  • patchouli
  • rose
  • rose geranium and
  • sandalwood offer an abundance of therapeutic qualities to make you smell tantalisingly divine!

You will expand your range for hair care products once you have tried this amazing oil!

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