Jojoba (simmonsis chinensis)

Jojoba has replaced the use of sperm whale oil formerly used in cosmetics. Cold-pressed from the seeds of a sub-tropical shrub, this unique liquid wax has a similar composition to the skin’s natural oils (sebum). Antioxidant, light-textured and quickly absorbed, Jojoba has excellent moisturising qualities.

It is said to dissolve sebum which makes it an excellent acne treatment. Whilst a mild oil, it is also a very balancing oil making it ideal for the lotions and potions for all skin types. Jojoba contains Myristic Acid which gives it anti-inflammatory properties.

Jojoba also has exceptional skin-softening, excellent moisturising properties, and the ability to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Jojoba oil helps to prevent water loss and enhances skin flexibility, promoting skin suppleness and assisting with the rejuvenation. It leaves a rich, velvety, non-oily feel on the skin. Jojoba is a purging oil and will sometimes ‘dig out’ impurities with a vengeance, so be wary of first using it just before a special occasion!

For all your personal care needs: This oil is so versatile and effective we use it in 29 of our products! See these products for yourself below and enjoy choosing your own personal care range.

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