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Sizzle Perfume Oil

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This intoxicating blend of eleven, yes eleven aromatic oils absolutely delights the senses and relaxes the mind. Forget commercial chemical compounds and allergy-forming mixtures from unknown manufacturers, having Arianrhod’s essential perfume oil in your bag or glove-box at any time, offers instant aromatherapy for your pleasure – for any occasion.

Sizzle has been created by Arianrhod Aromatics from 100% essential oils for your ‘sizzling’ pleasure from a unique mix of …

  • bergamot
  • cedarwood
  • clary sage
  • cypress
  • jojoba
  • mandarin
  • patchouli
  • petitgrain
  • rose geranium
  • rosemary
  • vanilla and
  • ylang ylang

The combination of Bergamot and Cedarwood with Clary Sage and Cypress have a very positive effect on the emotions with Jojoba as a superior carrier oil for this special blend. Mandarin, Patchouli and Petitgrain add a tangy, refreshing aroma with a touch of spice for the down-to-earth nature lover. Rose Geranium uplifts the mood and Rosemary delivers a fresh approach to life. Combined with the wonderful grounding effect of an all-time favourite – Vanilla and the uplifting effect on emotions and libido of the ever-popular Ylang Ylang.

Having Arianrhod’s essential oil perfume in your bag offers instant aromatherapy for you for any occasion – apply easily to your pulse points using this very handy pocket-size roll-on applicator and you have your favourite aroma anytime, anywhere – allowing your favourite essential oil to do its magic.

Vegan friendly of course!

Apply easily to your pulse-points using this very handy pocket-size, roll-on applicator and you have your favourite aroma with you at anytime, anywhere – you can relax, knowing this creation is on hand to allowing your favourite essential oil to do its magic before and after a stressful day – and when you need it most.

Eleven essential oils that not only work together for your pleasure to deliver many varied effects on the body, mind and mood as soon as you introduce this essential perfume oil into your environment. Just bask in its sensual delivery of what nature has to offer.

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  4. I like the earthiness of this one. Such a pleasure to wear pure oils instead of synthetic scents.

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  5. Beautiful

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