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Heavenly Perfume Oil

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Once again, as the name implies, this ‘heavenly’ perfume lives up to its name!

Forget commercial chemical compounds and allergy-forming mixtures from unknown manufacturers, having Arianrhod’s essential perfume oil in your bag or glove-box at any time, offers instant aromatherapy for your pleasure – for any occasion.

Having Arianrhod’s essential oil perfume in your bag offers instant aromatherapy for you for any occasion – apply easily to your pulse points using this very handy pocket-size roll-on applicator and you have your favourite aroma anytime, anywhere – allowing your favourite essential oil to do its magic.

Using a creative mix of …

  • bergamot
  • frankincense
  • jojoba and
  • vanilla

While the uplifting Bergamot and grounding Vanilla make their mark on this wonderful aroma, Frankincense adds to the calming effect of this perfume – while Jojoba as a superior carrier oil adds that luxurious touch to a very special combination of 100% pure essential oils for your pure, essential enjoyment.

Vegan friendly!

Apply easily to your pulse-points using this very handy pocket-size, roll-on applicator and you have your favourite aroma with you at anytime, anywhere – you can relax, knowing this creation is on hand to allowing your favourite essential oil to do its magic before and after a stressful day – and when you need it most.

You may want to make this ‘heavenly’ perfume a special gift to a special friend!

Additional information

Weight 36 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 30 mm



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