Argan (argania spinosa)

Argan oil is a naturally occurring oil that is tapped from the argan tree, a native of Morocco and the northern portions of the African continent, hence why it is often referred to as Moroccan Oil or Moroccan Argan Oil. This plant oil is extracted from the kernel through a complicated process of removing the fruit pulp – part of why it is so expensive.

From treating skin infections to rashes and acne, face moisturisers to skin creams, argan oil has become a major replacement for harsh chemical-based cosmetic items. Here are some ways of using it that I have found over the years:

Argan oil in facial care and acne treatment: Argan oil was often used in countries with weather conducive to oily skin. However more recently it has made it’s way all around the world. Research suggests that argan oil reduces sebum levels in oily skin, and without sebum, acne severity is substantially reduced. Argan oil also does a great job of assisting in the healing of cracked lips, moisturising of sore cheeks and soothing of razor bumps and burns.
Argan oil in hair conditioning: Argan oil has also found a place in hair-care and conditioning. If like me you don’t like using curlers and dryers or irons to tame frizz and split ends, then argan oil is your best leave-in conditioner. Just a bit of it every day could turn your hair into what it was back in the good old days. That’s why it is a major component in Arianrhod Aromatics Silk Tresses
Argan oil in skin treatment: Argan oil works wonders on bug bites, skin rashes, infected skin, I’ve found that it reduces the severity of these skin conditions in addition to providing all natural benefits. From skin toning, to overnight deep conditioning and night-time moisturising, argan oil is a proven source of skin care for the entire body. That’s why you will find it pretty much everywhere these days.

Be it the skin, hair or face, you are bound to feel better and keep your skin and hair looking brighter and healthier with a bit of argan oil. That’s why so many of the products I make at Arianrhod Aromatics, including most of the facial moisturisers, have argan oil.