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Rose Geranium

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Calming! Sweet and rosey! Refreshing to the senses! With a rich and warm uplifting rose-like aroma of floral with a hint of green leaves. Used for its soothing, sedative quality to promote emotional states of stability and optimism.

Also use for a range of benefits such as ..

  • treating acne
  • used as a natural deodorant
  • aid healing of bruises
  • minimise premenstrual symptoms and
  • treating eczema

Use as a massage or in bath water – or vaporise in your favourite way.

Used often for nerve pain, diarrhoea and depressive moods, this essential oil is become well known for its skin-purifying properties when used in …

  • aromatherapy and complimentary medicine

This wonderful oil can be used in vaporiser or diffuser to add a fresh, natural fragrance to your home or office.

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