Oiy It’s Hemp is changing its name…

Sativa Repair Hands and Feet

Oiy its Hemp range has grown up and is changing its name. Originally the Oiy Its Hemp was only going to be used for the Oily/Acne range which was to be used by young people with acne, or so I thought. It became apparent after only a short time that it was being purchased by women with hormonal acne in their 30’s and 40’s as well as young people. I was then asked to make specific products for specific skin conditions so the range has grown to meet these requests.

In time I began to feel uncomfortable with the name, it just wasn’t grown up enough for the wide range of age groups now using the products. All of the lotions and potions in this range incorporate the use of Australian Hemp Seed Oil and Kigelia (Sausage Tree) Extract, two ingredients that I believe to absolutely fantastic, as well as the magic of Tamanu Oil – an oil that needs to be used to be believed.

I have tossed around quite a few names for quite a while now with the clear favourite being Sativa (skin care solutions).

The Sativa line up is…….
Sativa Clear Facial Wash             (formerly Oiy Its Hemp Facial Wash for Oily/Acne Skin)
Sativa Clear Facial Toner            (formerly Oiy Its Hemp Facial Toner for Oily/Acne Skin)
Sativa Clear Facial Scrub            (formerly Oiy Its Hemp Facial Scrub for Oily/Acne Skin)
Sativa Clear Facial Moisturiser    (formerly Oiy Its Hemp Facial Moisturiser for  Oily/Acne Skin)
Sativa Restore                             (formerly Oiy Its Hemp Heavy Duty Night Moisturiser)
Sativa Nurture                             (formerly Oiy Its Rosacea Moisturiser)
Sativa Fade                                 (formerly Oiy Its Pigmentation Moisturiser)
Sativa Refine                               (formerly Oiy Its Eye Serum)
Sativa Hand Repair                     New Product

I thoroughly enjoy making this range of products, I know that it is amazing in its ability to help repair skin that is sun damaged, scarred, pimple prone, and so much more. It has already helped quite a few people who don’t mind singing the praises of sausage tree extract.