The Best Skincare Manufacturer: Learn More

Is your goal to capture a larger share of Australia’s cosmetics market? Now couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of contract manufacturing services.

Research shows the worldwide cosmetics market is expected to increase from more than $287 billion to over $415 billion between 2021 and 2028. This 5% jump can be attributed to cosmetics companies’ development of convenient packaging designs. These companies also draw customers by offering diverse product portfolios.

Arianrhod Aromatics, a leading skincare manufacturer, offers skincare private-label services for cosmetics companies. Let’s explore why you should use us as your cosmetic manufacturer.

Your Top Skincare Manufacturer

Do you run a private-label skincare business? Are you trying to capture a bigger market share in today’s cosmetics industry? Arianrhod Aromatics can work with you.

We have experience with organic and natural formulas. We’ll work with you to deliver a product you’re excited to sell using our contract manufacturing services.

Contract Manufacturing Services

Arianrhod Aromatics is a top beauty product manufacturer because we’re easy for any private-label skincare business to work with. We’ll formulate your products to your unique needs.

We may also recommend the best product ingredients based on your goals. You’ll receive custom blends for all of your products.

A top ingredient we might suggest using is hyaluronic acid. This natural substance in your body promotes skin elasticity and moisture. It can help make your customers’ skin softer and smoother.

Another ingredient to consider using is retinol. This compound is often added to anti-ageing skincare products.

Retinol helps shed dull and dead skin layers. This reveals younger-looking and fresh skin. This ingredient is often found in the following types of products:

  • Hydrating serums
  • Body creams
  • Neck creams
  • Eye creams
  • Face creams

Are you passionate about running a “green” skincare business? We can help you earn your eco-friendly status with our green manufacturing process.

We consistently use sustainable sources for our ingredients. We’re also transparent about the natural ingredients in our products.

We’ll test every product we manufacture for your skincare private-label business before it goes to production. We can meticulously handcraft your products in tiny batches to perfect every detail. You’ll have the chance to approve the final product before it’s mass-produced.

We even offer private-label and packaging services for an extra fee. These extra services will make it quicker and easier for your products to reach store shelves.

Why Skincare Private-Label Services?

Why work with a beauty product manufacturer that provides skincare private-label services? A cosmetic manufacturer can help your skincare business build its product inventory cost-effectively. You won’t have to purchase equipment (more on cost savings later).

You’ll also benefit from our experience. Don’t worry if you lack manufacturing knowledge and skills. Use ours to launch your products across Australia.

Our customers can also choose how much they want to involve themselves in our manufacturing process. We gladly work with both hands-off and hands-on clients.

The best part about working with a cosmetic manufacturer? You’ll finally see your brand’s name on your products.

Packaging and labelling products from your brand will increase your company’s exposure. It’s a better option than merely selling other cosmetics brands’ items.

Who Can Benefit?

We offer manufacturing services for a wide variety of business skincare lines. These products include face solutions, like lip balm and eye serum. Other popular products are facial cleansers and firming and toning masks.

Arianrhod Aromatics can guide you in creating body and face mists, facial moisturizers, and facial scrubs, too. Our other popular products range from oils to hair products and body products.

Our clients have successfully sold our shampoo, conditioner, essential oils, and bath and body oils. Our products don’t just benefit retail natural cosmetics or health food outlets, though.

Use our services if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • Alternative healthcare provider
  • Aromatherapist
  • Massage therapist

Arianrhod Aromatics also works with day spa managers. These individuals may specialize in natural or organic body and face treatments.

Are you a beauty or skincare therapist? Perhaps you’re looking for natural skincare solutions. We can help you, too.

Benefits of Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing is a simple way to save on your labour costs and maximize your profits. You won’t need to invest in an in-house manufacturing team. You also won’t have to work with multiple vendors.

We tell our clients how much their manufacturing processes will cost them in advance. This will help you practice excellent budget control during manufacturing.

Yet another reason to hire Arianrhod Aromatics is we can help you spot possible flaws and risks in your design. Our expertise may help you avoid product failures that could cost you financially long-term.

Working with us will also allow you to focus on developing more creative product designs and prototypes. We can also quickly meet your manufacturing needs during peak production seasons. This may help you more easily scale your business.

How We Can Help With Cosmetics

Arianrhod Aromatics is your leading skincare manufacturer in Australia. We’re proud to offer top-tier contract manufacturing services to cosmetics businesses.

Our services include manufacturing custom products. We’ll involve you in every step of the process. That includes designing your product and testing it before production.

We also offer skincare private-label services. This means we can package and label your products for you.

Ready to start selling high-quality cosmetics? We’ll be glad to discuss your needs during an initial consultation. Contact us today!

Our Environmentally Friendly Skincare Products: Learn More

Are you thinking about getting into the skincare product business? Now may be a wise time to enter the industry.

Research shows that the worldwide skincare product market in 2022 was worth more than $135 billion. It may grow by more than 4% between 2023 and 2030. This growth may be due to the rising demand for body lotions, sunscreens, and face creams.

Our environmentally friendly skincare products at Arianrhod Aromatics can help you boost your business. Ready to lean into organic and natural skincare? Let’s explore our eco-friendly skincare products and why our chemical-free skincare products are a top choice.

Environmentally Friendly Skincare Products

Environmentally friendly skincare products offer several health benefits. That’s because sustainable skincare products don’t contain destructive chemical compounds.

Harmful ingredients include heavy metals and parabens, compounds often used as preservatives. They’re commonly present in traditional skincare products.

Your bloodstream absorbs these compounds when you apply synthetic skincare products to your skin. The compounds may cause severe injury or illness when they accumulate in the body. Eco-friendly skincare products won’t cause these issues.

Green skincare products also don’t feature added fragrances. They contain scents from natural sources (e.g., plants) only. These scents likely won’t cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Another reason to choose sustainable products? They won’t harm the earth or the water supply. These natural products’ ingredients already exist in the environment.

Eco-Friendly Skincare Face Products

Our eco-friendly skincare face products at Arianrhod Aromatics are vital to an individual’s skincare routine. Our sustainable skincare products can help your future customers maintain a youthful, fresh glow.

That’s because the products protect the skin. They do this by decreasing skin problem symptoms resulting from the following:

  • Stress
  • Chemical exposure
  • Seasonal dryness
  • Pollution

One of our most popular face products is our cleansing lotion. It’s a vegan-friendly product.

Your future customers can use it to remove pollutants from their skin. These pollutants may range from makeup to perspiration.

The cleansing lotion contains natural ingredients like Frankincense, which strengthens the skin. The lotion will leave your customer’s complexion lightly moisturised and energised.

Another option is our eye serum. This non-greasy product contains tamanu oil. The natural oil soothes the skin and may help with eczema and pimples. Eczema often plagues young kids but can affect people of all ages.

Organic and Natural Skincare Body Products

No skincare routine would be complete without our Arianrhod Aromatics hand/body beauty products. These organic and natural skincare products include body butter and washes.

Our sativa body butter features hemp oil. This natural oil deeply hydrates the skin to leave a person feeling fresh. Hemp oil is especially effective at reducing scars. That’s because it supports cell healing and regeneration.

We also offer coconut butter. It will repair and replenish damaged skin. The butter will also soothe itchy skin.

Another body butter option is our mango butter. The butter contains vitamins C and A. These vitamins may prevent signs of premature ageing. Examples of these include sagging and wrinkles.

Organic body washes from Arianrhod Aromatics can further benefit your future customers. Our rose geranium body wash reduces inflammation and sensitive skin issues.

Customers also love our lemon myrtle body wash. It tightens pores for smoother-looking skin.

Target young parents with our body wash for babies. This wash contains carefully selected ingredients like calendula and chamomile. Calendula can help heal wounds, insect bites, and sunburn. Chamomile may calm dry, red skin.

Encourage your customers to try multiple products. This will help them determine which options benefit them the most. Everyone’s skin is different. Your future customers should choose products that make their skin feel comfortable.

Chemical-Free Skincare Oils

Our essential oils at Arianrhod Aromatics are popular chemical-free skincare products. These beauty products may help skin conditions like rosacea.

Rosacea is a condition where the skin blushes and blood vessels are visible. It might also produce tiny pussy bumps. Rosacea is often mistaken for pimples. There aren’t any known cures for rosacea. Our essential oil may help your customers manage it, though.

Choose eco-friendly skincare products like our scar reduction oil. The oil features ingredients like rosehip. Rosehip may help reduce sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is skin damage resulting from prolonged sun exposure. It occurs when the skin increases its melanin production to safeguard the skin. Melanin is a pigment that offers protection from ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet B rays are particularly harmful to the skin. These rays may cause blistering, sunburns, and sunspots. They might also lead to skin cancer.

Another essential oil option is our geranium oil blend. This product’s ingredients include rose geranium, cinnamon leaf, and mandarin.

Rose geranium may enhance your future customers’ circulation. It can make varicose veins and cellulite less visible, too. Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted veins. This condition may develop in a person with weak vein walls.

Cinnamon promotes blood flow in the skin and may improve fine lines. Mandarin can improve your customers’ skin tone and reduce stretch marks.

How We Can Help

Environmentally friendly skincare products can help your customers achieve younger-looking, glowing skin. Some of our top eco-friendly skincare products at Arianrhod Aromatics include face cleansers. Other options include body washes, body butter, and essential oils.

We take pride in offering only high-quality organic and natural skincare products. Purchase them wholesale to decrease your shipping costs and keep your shelves stocked.

We can even help you manufacture your own chemical-free skincare products. Contact us to learn more about our products and services, and partner with us today!

Why Is Knowing Your Skin Type Important? Learn More

Experts expect the skincare product market to generate $177 billion by 2025. It seems that many people are finding success with the skincare products they use.

You, however, may not be. This may be because you don’t know your skin type. Certain products work better on some skin types than others.

If you’re wondering “What is my skin type?” read on! This article will answer this question and help you learn what skin type you have.

What Is My Skin Type?

Skin type” when it comes to the beauty industry, isn’t referring to the color of your skin. It’s referring to how dry or oily your skin is. This is important to know for several reasons.

Choose the Right Products

Depending on the skincare product you use, you may better or worsen your skin’s natural issues. For example, if your skin is excessively oily, oily products will make these issues worse.

Prevent Certain Issues

People with certain skin types are more prone to certain skin issues. People with dry skin, for instance, are more likely to experience eczema. Once you know your skin type, you know what issues you might have and can fight them accordingly.

Overall Great Skin Care Effects

By choosing the right products for your skin’s needs, the effects of your skincare efforts will be better overall. You’ll minimize the downsides of your skin type and strengthen its strengths.

How to Find Your Skin Type

Luckily, you don’t need to be a dermatology expert to know your skin type. There’s plenty of information online that can help you determine your skin type. Many websites offer quick and easy quizzes (like this one) that can teach you your skin type.

Different Skin Types

So what are the different skin types that people have? Beauty experts have identified five types. You can learn more about these in the sections below:

Normal Skin

Normal skin isn’t excessively dry or oily at any time. This type of skin should tolerate a wide variety of products.

Oily Skin

Does your entire face often look shiny and greasy? If so, you likely have oily skin. Use acne-fighting products and stay away from thick moisturizers.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is often tight, flaky, itchy, and irritating. A good moisturising regime is essential to make this skin look and feel its best.


People with combination skin will have an oily nose, chin, and forehead but have dry or normal cheeks. You need to find the right combination of products that can help all areas of your skin.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, your face will become red and irritated more easily. You may need to see a dermatologist to get the best products.

We Have Products for Your Skin Type

Now you should know the answer to the question, “What is my skin type?” This will help you choose the beauty products that you need.

And whenever you’re looking for skincare products, consider trying ours. The products at Arianrhod Aromatics are free of all the nasties. They’re handmade, all-natural, packaged in recyclable containers, and more.

Check out our face products on this page.

Embracing Self-Care: Tips for a Relaxing Skincare Routine

With most women spending around $300 on cosmetics every month, you need to ensure that you are improving your life with them. One of the major ways you can do that is by using relaxing skincare techniques to make your beauty regimen into a rejuvenation routine. Though, what are these and how can they help you achieve healthy skin?

This article will give you some of the best tips to make sure you can plan and implement a relaxing skin care routine that suits you. As you read through, think about how you will need to prepare for such a change and consider what you need to buy to make it happen.

Embrace Relaxing Ingredients

Try to find products made to produce a relaxing environment. These might be essential oils, pillow mists, or body butter.

You could even investigate ingredients that induce a level of relaxation by introducing hemp skincare into your routine. As a part of a holistic skincare regimen, you can expect it to help reduce inflammation and skin irritation. It can also offer peace of mind as you moisturize with such a calming product.

Nourish and Soothe

Ensure that after you use a gentle cleanser, you hydrate your skin. Massaging products into your body can help release endorphins. This will give you a pleasurable sensation and allow you to feel much calmer.

You might have concerns about the amount of nutrition your body is getting or if it has received damage from the sun. Using a nourishing skin regimen can help alleviate such fears and reassure you that you are helping to slow the signs of aging.

Pamper Yourself

Improving your skincare routine is not only about the effects of the products on your body. You also want to make sure you enjoy the process so you can ensure you associate it with positive experiences.

Try to create a spa-like environment when you apply these skincare products. Find options that offer luxurious experiences, such as the smooth cream-like effects of certain kinds of body butter. Also, look for cosmetics that use cupuaçu butter: an ingredient well-known for being a “super-moisturizer.”

Incorporate Mindfulness and Meditation

Approaching your regimen with the intent to improve your mental health can take the process from a daily chore to a core part of your identity. As you apply these cosmetics, focus on the feelings, smells, and textures of everything you use. This can help to ground you in the moment and allow you to focus on something other than the stresses of life.

Between using each product, you can even take a moment to engage in breathing exercises. This will not only help you with calmness but allow a moment for each one to work on your skin.

Products to Empower Relaxing Skincare

With the above techniques, you will be able to create a relaxing skincare regimen that suits your needs. Still, to get the most out of it, you will need products that align with these changes. So, allow us to help you out.

We create body mists, essential oils, and much more to give you the best chance of relaxing. So, check out our shop and find new ways to improve your skincare routine.