Skincare Retrospective: How did we get here?

Are questionable chemicals used in your skincare products?

Do you know anyone who was an adult in the 1930’s or 40’s? Things were a lot different back then. For one, our exposure to many of the chemicals commonly found in the household today were either unheard of or just beginning to come into the marketplace.

It was after the Second World War that domestic markets made the shift toward embracing the new breed of chemicals as so-called “miracle ingredients” in so many household and cosmetic products that claimed to make housekeeping and making one’s self beautiful for when hubby comes home so much easier.

This is where the story begins, but it would be years and sometimes decades before the effects of people’s daily exposure to many of these chemicals would become apparent.

Back to the original question: if you do know someone who was an adult in those times, ask them how common cases of eczema, psoriasis and asthma (just for example) were among children and adults in those days? I’m sure you will find they have a very different story to tell because cases of this kind were rare and often unheard of.

Because the effects of chemical exposure have often taken so many years to “present”, their insidious nature has allowed chemical companies to deny their products are to blame.